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Surprise on British beaches: good weather encourages the crossing of hundreds of immigrants in the English Channel

The good weather and the heat wave in Great Britain helped 430 migrants to cross the dangerous English Channel and land with their precarious boats on british beaches. One day of arrivals, when the government wants to deport them and even relocate them in Rwanda, from where they must request its legalization. A decision rejected by the British courts as illegal.

Bathers were surprised by the arrival of inflatable motorboats, from which men, women and families got off. with babies, after the dangerous crossing from France through one of the canals with more maritime traffic of the world.

Sunbathers in Oldstair Bay Square in Kingsdown in Kent watched the migrants come down and, elated, they celebrated his arrival.

“They looked like they had won the lottery. They smiled, waved their arms in victory. They ran from side to side and hugged”Said one of those who witnessed his descent.

Another woman enjoyed seeing them: ”They were so happy! They had such joy, “he described. People filmed them.

The 430 migrants arrived in 14 boats and they broke the previous record of 346 people in the same day. So far they have managed to reach Britain from France 8,127 this year.

Another boat reached Dungeness Beach, with 50 migrants who managed to get off. Three other boats arrived later with 84 migrants on Tuesday. Mostly They are from Iran and North and East Africa. They were delayed by the police and transferred by bus.

The precarious ships were accompanied by a French military ship to the edge of French territorial waters, until the British Border Force was alerted in compliance with the legislation of help at sea.

A family from Kuwait paid the traffickers £ 8,000 to be transferred from France to the kingdom. Two adults, four boys, including a 20-month-old, embarked on a journey that It lasted 9 hours from Calais. None of them knew how to swim, like most of those who arrive.

Migrants are Syrians, Kurds, Iranians, Eritreans, and Sudanese from Darfur.

The massive influx of migrants occurred when legislation was being debated in the House of Commons to make these crossings by boats illegal in the English Channel.

Interior Minister Preti Patel, who came to Britain as an Indian exile from Uganda, has started a fight against illegal migration and wants to close it at any cost. His measures – until now – have been rejected as inhumane.

Its new nationality and border control law seeks to close illegal entrances via the English Channel. But the conservatives themselves they oppose to her.

Former Prime Minister and MP Theresa May said that this legislation will have limited impact. He accused Patel of being wrong by giving the impression that no conservative government since 2010 has addressed the issue. May was minister of the interior in the kingdom.

“Governments are constantly looking at these migration issues rather than thinking of a law that will deal with the problem forever,” May charged.

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