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Starbucks Adds Instagramable Pink Vegan Dragon Drink to Menu

Image credit: Starbucks

Coffee giant Starbucks debuted its summer menu today and what is perhaps the most eye-catching beverage is the vegan “Dragon Drink.”

Dragon Drink is a blend of fruit juice with sweet mango and dragonfruit flavors along with coconut milk, described by Starbucks as “a tropical, crave-able combination of fruity and creamy refreshment.”

The beverage became a favorite of customers last year when Starbucks launched the original Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, which comes sans coconut milk, but people started requesting coconut milk instead of water.

The creamy, hot pink concoction became popular not only because of the taste but for the uniqueness of the beverage, which made it perfect for sharing on social media.

Clearly, Starbucks took note of many customers’ preference of the beverage with coconut milk, as it is now part of the permanent menu in the United States and Canada beginning today.

Customers who prefer the beverage without coconut milk are still able to order the original Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, which is also part of the summer menu.

Mango Dragonfruit Refresher | Image credit: Starbucks

In recent years, the company has been significantly increasing its selection of vegan beverages and food, as demand for plant-based alternatives grows.

The company recently added almond milk-based vegan Frappuccinos, available in retail outlets around the United States.

In stores, Starbucks, which already offers a number of vegan milks, has been offering customers oat milk in some locations around the country, as the beverage continues to outpace other plant milk varieties.

Outside of the United States, the company has been offering an even more impressive selection of plant-based food.

Earlier this year, Starbucks began offering vegan mac and cheese and a breakfast burrito at some UK locations.

Meanwhile, Starbucks Philippines now offers a vegan chocolate cake which kept selling out due to overwhelming demand.

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