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Spain: end behind bars for the great swindler “Little Nicolás”

New judicial setback in Spain for Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, better known as “Little Nicholas”. After being sentenced to one year and nine months in prison for falsify a DNI for one of his friends to do the Selectividad (university entrance exam), this Tuesday he was sentenced to three years in prison for posing as an emissary of the King during a trip to Ribadeo (Lugo) to meet with a businessman.

Section 17 of the Provincial Court of Madrid sentenced him to a sentence of nine months in prison as the perpetrator responsible for a crime of usurpation of public functions with the analogical mitigation of psychic abnormality and undue delays, and another two years and 3 months of seclusion in prison for a crime of active bribery, in which the same mitigating factors concur.

At the same time, he has been acquitted of the crimes of falsehood and embezzlement of public funds of which he was also accused by the Prosecutor’s Office, which asked for 7 years in prison.

In his statement at the trial, Little Nicholas explained that he did not pretend to be an authority but rather solo pretended to be an important person to feel “powerful”. Thus he declared it in court: —He wanted to screw me up (…) He wanted to give me an air of greatness (…) the more cars the better. “

To questions from the Public Ministry, Francisco Nicolás assured that the false delegation to meet with the president of Alsa (land transport operator) in August 2014 was organized from the most absolute “immaturity”, since at that time his only objective was “to resemble the elders with a lot of power”. Being “an important person”, who is not, as he has reiterated, “an authority”.

In this way he tried to download the crime for which he is accused of usurpation of public functions. A crime from which he has not finally managed to escape unscathed. At all times he denied in the oral hearing that he was posing as a link between the Vice Presidency of the Government and the Royal House: “That position does not exist and I knew the organization chart.”

Personality disorder

The sentence declares proven that the convicted “suffers from a personality disorder with narcissistic characteristics and immature features, as well as an adaptive disorder with anxious-depressive symptoms, a situation that conditioned his perception of reality, slightly limiting his cognitive faculties “.

Along with Little Nicolás, the corporal of the Municipal Police of Madrid Jorge GH and the municipal police of Torrijos (Toledo) Carlos PLD, who accompanied Gómez Iglesias on his trip to Ribadeo, were also tried.

The former has been sentenced to three years in prison for active bribery, as well as the payment of an eighth of the costs, while he has been acquitted of the rest of the crimes of which he was accused. The second agent for his part has been acquitted of the totality of the accusations.

The ruling of the Provincial Court, against which it is possible to appeal that the defense that will present has already announced, assumes that the trip to Ribadeo was intended for Little Nicolás the impersonating “an important person”.

A false entourage

For that he arranged the interview with the president of Alsa. To give plausibility to the plan, orchestrated a false entourage led by the agent of the Municipal Police of Madrid also convicted.

In Ribadeo, both the Municipal Police and the Presidency of the Nautical Club were notified of the arrival of that supposed “important person” so that they could carry out all the appropriate “steps” to facilitate access to the people of the delegation first and to make possible the vehicle parking the seconds. Everything planned.

They left on August 13, 2014 from Madrid’s Paseo de la Habana in the middle of the morning. The entourage consisted of four high-end vehicles with their respective uniformed drivers.

Of course, the Court does not take for granted that the cars carried accreditations from the Ministry of the Interior as it was tried to prove during the oral hearing. For this reason, the defendants have been exonerated of the crime of documentary falsification.

Nor has it been proven that, thanks to the agent of the Municipal Police of Madrid, luminous signs were used in the vehicles, as some witnesses narrated. Nor the use of in-ear headphones by the members of the entourage to make the trip more official.

Joaquín Vera, La Vanguardia



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