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Reopening of cinemas: gauges, curfews, confectionery … Everything you need to know about the return to theaters

After 200 days of closure, cinemas are reopening in France, as part of the second phase of deconfinement which begins this Wednesday, May 19. This date includes, as a reminder, the reopening of museums, monuments, cinemas, theaters, performance halls with seated audiences, in compliance with a gauge set at 800 indoors and 1,000 outdoors. Which films will be seen and under what conditions? We take stock.

Which films are showing?

About thirty films are announced for what May 19, day of reopening of the rooms: in detail, to date, there are precisely 34 films, including 13 new releases, 15 covers and 6 re-releases.

A wide choice is announced, with a very wide variety of genres. French cinema will be strongly represented, with films in particular by Albert Dupontel (Adieu les cons), Maiwenn (ADN), Quentin Dupieux (Mandibules), but also Christophe Barratier (Envole-moi).

Reopening of cinemas: which films to see in theaters on May 19?

Several first feature films such as Slalom by Charlène Favier, Garcon Boy by Nicolas Maury or L'Etreinte by Ludovic Bergery are also well established. For the child public, Tom & Jerry arrives on the big screen this Wednesday, accompanied in particular by 100% Loup, or again, in cover, Calamity Jane and Little Vampire.

For now, the US blockbuster supply will be very small. The United States will come back in force on July 7 with the release of Black Widow, a Marvel film starring Scarlett Johansson in the title role.

Will there be a gauge system?

Yes. Upon reopening, the rooms will first be accessible at 35% of their capacity, with "a physical separation of two seats between each individual spectator or each group of up to six spectators".

These gauges will then be widened to 65% on June 9 (with "a physical distance of an armchair between each individual spectator or each group of up to six spectators"), then theaters will be 100% open without physical distancing on June 30.

Can we eat popcorn during the session?

No. The consumption of confectionery (popcorn, candies, snacks, etc.) will be prohibited inside movie theaters. This is a temporary measure (until June 9), which aims to prevent spectators from removing their masks during the screening. Wearing a mask remains compulsory everywhere, in the room, and outside. It is compulsory for spectators aged 11 and over, and "recommended for children between 6 and 11 years old"as the FNCF indicates.

The idea is also to align with the measures currently set for bars and restaurants, namely consumption possible only outdoors (on the terrace) or to take away from the point of sale. The exterior restoration of these cinemas can therefore continue.

What time will the cinemas open?

During exceptional periods, exceptional hours! In order to satisfy the thirst for cinema of early risers, some circuits or cinemas have opted for morning hours, like MK2 which will offer screenings from 8 a.m., with free pastries, this Wednesday, May 19 in the morning.

Independent cinemas go even further by even offering a "favorite" preview at 6.30am this Wednesday! The movie theater The Méliès of Saint Etienne is organizing a screening of Céline Sciamma's new film, Petite Maman, at 6.30am! Breakfast is offered. Remember to set your alarm clocks!

Most cinemas will opt for regular hours. The morning sessions seem to be maintained in cinemas which usually offer them.

Cinema in theaters: "It's good for morale", according to 9 out of 10 French people

At what time will the cinemas close?

There will be no exception to the curfew for theaters. There will be no time stamping system. End-of-day sessions will therefore have to take into account the new curfew schedule, put in place from this Wednesday, May 19, in this case 9 p.m. (instead of 7 p.m. until now).

Cinemas will schedule screenings taking this constraint into account, making the popular early evening screening until June 9th impossible. From June 9 the curfew will be pushed back to 11 p.m. until June 30. After this date, if of course the health situation allows it, there will be no more curfew.

Everything you need to know about the reopening modalities and schedule ...

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