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Red Robin Launches Plant-Based Impossible 2.0 Burger Patty

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Fans of the Impossible Burger can add one more restaurant to the growing list of chains offering the plant-based burger patty: Red Robin.

The gourmet burger chain has announced the addition of the Impossible 2.0 Burger to its menu at all 570 locations, which means Red Robin will take the place of White Castle to become the largest U.S. restaurant chain to offer the plant-based patty.

Named Impossible Cheeseburger, the fire-grilled burger features the Impossible patty, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cheese, pickle relish, red onions, pickles and lettuce.

While the burger is not suitable for those on a vegan diet when ordered as is, it can be enjoyed by plant-based eaters by making a few customizations, including ordering without cheese or mayo and substituting the ciabatta bun or multigrain bun, which are both vegan according to the company’s website.

“Our guests have come to expect culinary innovation and variety at Red Robin, so it was important for us to offer a new meatless protein option that appeals to traditional burger lovers, flexitarians or anyone craving a unique flavor combination,” said Jonathan Muhtar, executive vice president and chief concept officer at Red Robin.

“The Impossible Burger marks a huge milestone for Red Robin, as we’re the largest casual dining restaurant chain to serve this meat-free option to guests.”

The plant-based Impossible 2.0 Burger, an improved version of the original, is part of an ever increasing selection of plant-based burgers flooding the marketplace that are designed to look, taste, and even “bleed” beet juice like beef when cooking to appeal to health conscious meat eaters.

“The newest Impossible Burger delivers everything that matters to hard-core meat lovers, including taste, nutrition and versatility,” Impossible Foods CEO Dr. Patrick Brown said previously.

“This is the plant-based meat that will eliminate the need for animals in the food chain and make the global food system sustainable.”

Red Robin saw sales decline 4.5% in 2018, a year that CEO Denny Marie Post called “a very disappointing year for us.”

Catering to vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious meat eaters by adding the popular Impossible Burger to the menu might not be a bad idea for the gourmet burger chain.

The Impossible Cheeseburger will be available from April 1, 2019.

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