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Reason why NEO could resurrect in Matrix 4

How and why will NEO return? There is an interesting theory about Matrix 4 that could explain everything and the number seven would be very important.

This sci-fi franchise is full of religious symbolism, both from Christianity and Hinduism, so there are many theories and explanations to the events that happen in the movies. Now they are going to release Matrix 4 and there is a question that all the fans ask themselves. Why are NEO and Trinity returning?

Both protagonists of the three previous films died. Trinity dies when his ship crashes, while NEO he sacrifices himself for all humanity. Even so we know that they will be the protagonists of Matrix 4 thanks to the spectacular trailer, where Keanu Reeves y Carrie-Anne Moss, they are playing their famous roles.

Theory about the prophecy of the number seven.

Before it is released Matrix 4 In 2021, it’s a great idea to go over the previous three films, as there are sure to be a lot of references that we can overlook. In the third installment of the trilogy it is revealed that it is not the first time that NEO try to save the world as Matrix He has fought the chosen one on 5 previous occasions. It is in the sixth when he is successful. Or so we thought, since it could be the correct seventh time.

That is, first the machines were revealed, then there was a war against humanity that they won. Then they started harvesting the people and creating the matrix to hold their minds. But a chosen one was also created who tried to save everyone and who brought a prophecy. The first few times it failed, but Matrix it would reboot and re-create the chosen one until we get to the events of the movies and that’s when it succeeds. Or so we thought.

That a program like him Agent Smith It infects everything and the chosen one has to sacrifice for all so that machines and humans sign peace, perhaps it is not the time that the war is really won. So we’ll have to try a seventh time. Therefore the NEO that we see with a beard, a hat and pints of clueless in the trailer of Matrix 4He would be an ordinary man who has memories of a previous life where he was the hero of humanity.

Matrix Theory 4: The Prophecy of the Number Seven

Plato’s Cave Myth.

The science fiction saga is a modern representation of the Plato’s Cave Myth. Since this story tells how two worlds exist, one material (the cave) and other spiritual (which would be the part outside the cave). Those who can break free will be able to verify the truth. Since his world of shadows is only a representation of what is on the outside.

In the Myth there are seven images that represent the path to knowledge: The prisoners, the chains, the shadows, the masters of the cave, the fire, the night and the sun. So, to know the truth we would need to get to the sun, which would be the seventh image and the seventh NEO of Matrix 4.

There are many references to wisdom and truth related to the number seven. As for example the Seven Sages or Saptarshi, which appear in ancient Hindu literature. Also they seven sages of Greece, which was precisely represented by Plato in the dialogue Protagoras.

Matrix 4 will premiere on December 17, 2021. It will be the moment in which we will discover everything they have prepared for the fourth installment of the science fiction saga.

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