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Ralph Lauren Launches Polo Shirts Made 100% from Recycled Bottles

Image credit: Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren has launched a new line of polo shirts made out of plastic bottles in an effort to reduce its impact on the environment.

Called The Earth Polo, the new line features shirts made entirely out of plastic bottles, with each shirt requiring 12 bottles that may otherwise end up in the ocean or a landfill.

The shirts are dyed through a process that does not use any water, and they are made in Taiwan, which is where the bottles are gathered.

Much of the world’s plastic waste ends up in the Pacific Ocean along with other debris in a massive, swirling trash pile known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is about 1.6 million square kilometers, three times the size of France.

The Earth Polo | Image credit: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren says this is part of the company’s commitment to prevent 170 million bottles from getting to landfills and oceans by 2025.

In an announcement of the new line on Instagram, the company added that the new line is part of the company’s strategy to reduce its impact on the environment during the manufacturing process.

“Much more than a shirt, the Earth Polo is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and being a force for progress in the world,” said Chief Innovation Officer David Lauren.

“We recognize that our products inevitably have an impact on our environment, and we know we have a responsibility to minimize that impact.”

While Ralph Lauren is one of the larger brands to create a more eco-friendly line of products, it’s certainly not the first to make clothing out of recycled bottles or unconventional products.

A number of smaller companies around the globe have been answering consumers’ calls for more eco-friendly apparel, including Spanish brand Ecoalf, which makes clothing out of debris gathered from the ocean.

German brand nat-2 creates sneakers made from recycled bottles and hayfield grass.

The Earth Polo collection went on sale yesterday and is available for men and women in a number of different colors, including navy blue, white, baby blue and green for $89.50 each.

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