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Prisons to Serve Vegan Meals After Vegan Prisoner Says He Went Hungry

Image credit: Unsplash/ Kevin McCutcheon

Prisons in Western Australia will offer vegan meals after a vegan activist claimed he had to go hungry in prison due to lack of vegan food.

The West Australia Department of Justice recently verified that vegan meals would be offered.

“Where it is requested to meet established cultural, religious or other special needs and is in accordance with the special meal guidelines, special dietary food should be provided where practicable,” a Department of Justice spokeswoman told The Weekly Times.

“This includes special meals for those on vegetarian diets or vegan diets.”

Image credit: Unsplash/ Dev Asangbam

The announcement comes after vegan activist James Warden was sent to Hakea Prison in Canning Vale for two days, during which he claims he was not able to eat, as he wasn’t provided any vegan options.

“Some of them just said ‘go and eat some meat’ and that kind of thing,” Warden told Seven News.

“The experience I had was nowhere near as bad as what animals are going through. They are suffering daily, and I only had to put up with 48 hours in custody.”

Warden is accused of stealing a dead piglet and a calf from two separate farms in Western Australia.

James Warden
Image: Direct Action Everywhere

Last week, he appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on charges of two counts of aggravated burglary, two counts of theft, and three counts of trespassing, in relation to the incidents that occurred between August and November 2018.

Warden, who couldn’t come up with the money for bail, was sent to prison for two days.

He was subsequently ordered by the court to stay away from any livestock farm and report to police daily.

Warden is scheduled to return to court next week.

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