Pregnant Vegan Furious After Husband Suggests She Should Eat Meat for Baby’s Health

Vegan Pregnancy
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A vegan mom-to-be became furious when her husband suggested that she should eat meat to make their baby healthier.

Using the username “ElizabethForever,” the pregnant vegan, who has been vegan since birth, took to British parenting site Mumsnet to vent out her frustration over her husband’s suggestion to eat meat for the baby’s health.

The pregnant vegan explained that her husband believes that she needs to eat meat to maintain the health of their baby, although he is aware that she has never eaten meat and animal by-products.

“I have been a vegan my entire life. My parents are vegans and my siblings are,” she said.

“I have never stopped him eating the food he wants to eat however anything containing animal products in the garage (we have a fridge/freezer out there).”

“I am in the very very early stages of pregnancy and since we found our [sic] DH [dear husband] keeps making hints that I should be eating meat to keep the baby healthy.”

She then explained that she never had any problems with her iron levels and added that she is now upset with her husband for suggesting that she should go against something that has always been an important part of her life.

She asked other forum users for advice regarding the situation, which garnered divided responses.

A forum user said: “He doesn’t sound controlling to me based on what is here. He just sounds like he’s not done all the research etc. If he were controlling he wouldn’t be mostly vegan. Have you looked at data and research together? Looked at pregnancy supplements etc? Perhaps an informed dialogue about it would help?”

Another user added: “I think he has good intentions and I don’t think he’s being unreasonable to bring it up, but it’s a question for your doctor surely?”

“You need B12 and iron and the levels you need in a pregnancy is impossible to get from a vegan diet without supplements,” said another forum user.

However, some vegans, vegetarians, and concerned parents disagreed with the husband’s suggestions and warned the pregnant vegan about the dangers of consuming meat and by-products after being vegan for a long time.

“If you’re a life long vegan, then you can actually make yourself ill to suddenly eat meat,” said one forum user.

Another added: “I’m not vegan but vegetarian, and when I was pregnant I had some well-meaning people try to convince me that I should be eating meat or fish. I ignored them, and had a very healthy baby. She’s now a healthy 12 year old who is also a vegetarian. As long as your diet is balanced and you’re taking the right supplements, both you and your baby will be fine.”

“Best thing to do is ask to speak to the ante natal nutritionist there will be one ask your midwife, she’ll give you an idea of there are any gaps in your diet and how to fill them staying vegan, take a pregnancy multivitamin like pregnacare too (Asda do an identical one three months supply for ten pounds) , then tell him he has no right to tell you what to eat,” said another.

Some also called out the woman for putting nonvegan products in a freezer in their garage, pointing out that she is also as controlling as her husband.

“The control is the other way! The husband has to trek out to the garage if he wants anything animal based? So, milk in coffee for example requires a trip to his designated fridge/freezer. I think that’s the controlling part,” a forum user commented.

“Cannot believe the **** about the freezer, **** off with your controlling comments, it’s pathetic! We’ve got 2 freezers, the one outside is a chest freezer so most of the stuff is out there,” wrote another.

The pregnant vegan has not updated her post and has not responded to the comments.

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