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Pizza Hut Launches Vegan Cheese-Loaded Jackfruit Pizza in All UK Branches

Image: Instagram/Pizza Hut UK

Restaurant chain Pizza Hut has launched a limited edition cheesy vegan jackfruit pizza in all its 253 branches in the UK.

Called “Jack ‘n’ Ch**se,” the pizza is made with a tomato base and Violife’s award-winning, plant-based cheese.

It features delicious toppings and spices such as bbq jackfruit, peppers, red onion, and sweet corn — all drizzled with bbq sauce

Customers can also add 15 more plant-based toppings and can choose among pan, all American thin, and gluten-free bases.

“Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback and awards we’ve won for our initial vegan range in 2017, we’ve responded to demand with a third vegan Pizza,” Kathryn Austin, Director of HR and Marketing at Pizza Hut, said in a statement.

“We’re confident the Jack ‘n’ Ch**se Pizza will be just as warmly received!”

The jackfruit pizza costs £11.29 and is only available throughout January, but Pizza Hut will add it to their permanent menu if they reach sales target of 10,000.

Sales can be tracked via the “vegan-o-meter” feature at Pizza Hut UK’s Twitter account, which will be updated weekly.

“We love innovating and giving our guests as much choice as possible and if this is as successful as we expect it to be, we’ll keep it on the menu for the foreseeable future,” said Austin.

Pizza Hut branches in the UK will also host a #IWantYouJack competition to celebrate the launch.

Those who enter the competition will be given a chance to win a £100 gift card if they post a picture of their vegan pizza and follow Pizza Hut UK on Instagram.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

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