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Piers Morgan Slams Marks & Spencer for Removing Gelatin from Its Percy Pig Sweets

Piers Morgan
Image: Instagram/Piers Morgan

Morning TV host Piers Morgan slammed Marks & Spencer (M&S) for removing gelatin from its popular Percy Pig sweets, making them vegetarian.

M&S announced that it removed gelatin, made from boiling the bones, skin, and cartiledge of animals, from its Percy Pig sweets to cater to vegetarians.

“For the last eight years we have been working to help our favorite pig move away from using pork gelatine,” M&S wrote on Twitter.

“We learned a lot when removing gelatin from our Colin range in 2014, and in 2016 launched our first Percy with our new gelatine free recipe.”

“In the three years since, we have progressively introduced the new recipe across all of our Percy range and from May this year we will be able to celebrate that Percy is 100 percent gelatine free and can be enjoyed by everybody.”

Piers Morgan in Good Morning Britain
Image: Twitter/Good Morning Britain

Many meat eaters, including Morgan, were not happy with the changes and demand M&S to bring back gelatin to the recipe.

“Vegans and vegetarians, go and get your own sweets,” Morgan said after trying the new Percy Pig sweets on Good Morning Britain then spitting them out. “Seriously, go and get sweets that aren’t called Percy Pigs.”

“Go and get ones called ‘Kale Nicies’ which taste disgusting and you can all be happy because they’re made of kale.”

“Leave our pig sweets alone you people. Utterly ridiculous, the world’s gone nuts.”

Other meat eaters agreed with Morgan, with some frustrated that vegans and vegetarians are “trying to make their food look like meat-based products.”

“Why do vegetarians try and make their food look like meat based products? I don’t ask for sausages that look like lettuce or burgers that look like seaweed,” a meat eater wrote on Twitter.

“Love piers! He’s so right, the world has gone nuts! And its getting worse,” said another.

Another added: “Quite frankly they’re now disgusting, they taste like chemicals – and they must be, because we all agree on this, and we seldom all agree on anything.”

Image: Marks & Spencer

On the other hand, vegans showed their support to M&S, even though the candy is not vegan as it still contains beeswax.

“They taste EXACTLY the same. I’m glad Marks and Spencer is proactively reducing its carbon footprint and of course reducing animal slaughter with this simple change,” a vegan wrote on Twitter.

Speaking about Morgan, a vegan said: “Isn’t this the man that pretended to vomit at a greggs even though all meat eaters I know say it tastes the same? This is a 54 year old man, not a child stop giving him air time for his tantrums.”

“All change for the better has historically been met with resistance from certain individuals. Imagine @piersmorgan’s rant if he’d have been around when they announced the abolishment of slavery,” said another.

Meanwhile, advocacy platform Vegan Future launched a petition urging M&S to ditch the beeswax and make the sweets suitable for vegans, saying: “Veggie Percies although do not contain gelatine, do indeed contain a byproduct from one of our little fluffy flying friends: the bee.”

“E901 is added into the mixing bowl somewhere, and is better know as beeswax.”

“Some vegans do say that bee products are more on the line of what is animal exploitation and what is not, but regardless of the debate, it would be easier to give it a go without beeswax.”

“Please M&S, can you either have a crack at trying without E901, or if not shoot me over the recipe and I’ll try it out! We would really appreciate this.”

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