Piers Morgan Attacks Gordon Ramsay for Launching Vegan Roast

Piers Morgan Attacks Vegan
Image: Instagram/Piers Morgan, Instagram/Gordon Ramsay

Morning TV host Piers Morgan joins other meat eaters in attacking celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay after he launched “revolutionary” vegan Sunday roast in one of his award-winning restaurants.

Chef Ramsay, who used to make fun of vegans but eventually made peace with them by supporting monthlong vegan challenge Veganuary and launching vegan options in his restaurants, recently announced the launch of a new vegan option in his London-based, award-winning restaurant Bread Street Kitchen.

Posting a video of the new “revolutionary” vegan Sunday roast, he said: “It’s happened….the #vegan roast has landed at @breadstkitchen!#roastrevolution

Morgan — who has been known to attack veganism, vegan activists, and any restaurant that offers vegan options — took to Twitter to express his disappointment in chef Ramsay, saying: “Oh FFS, Ramsay… not you as well? This looks utterly revolting.”

Other meat eaters agreed with him, with one saying: “Never seen a roast look less appetising.”

Another added: “Looks basic, tasteless and a bit grim tbh. Bit school dinners without the main event!”

“Wouldn’t give that to my dog,” said another.

However, vegans and other meat eaters joined the conversation by commending chef Ramsay’s move and slamming Morgan and others who are complaining about the new vegan Sunday roast, emphasizing that no one is forcing them to eat the vegan meal.

“YUM! Looks amazing! for everyone complaining that Gordon has made a vegan roast guess what… YOU DONT HAVE TO EAT IT. hope that helps you calm down and not get upset over Gordon catering to everyone,” said one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user added: “Why, exactly, do you find the provision of vegan options, which you are in no way compelled to eat, so threatening? Why would you deny others a choice which has zero impact on you? Or is this just posturing for rabble-rousing?”

Another commented: “That [vegan roast] actually looks good, I would probably choose that from the menu, Good that you’ve brought it to our attention Piers, probably a good sales pitch if it annoys you much like your ones with Gregs?”

“I love how bitter Pies Morgan is about the world evolving. Hates the fact that we’re trying to cause less harm to the planet and other living things. He’ll be happy when he’s dead so he won’t have to witness how far we’ve come,” wrote another.

Chef Ramsay also recently launched the famous vegan Impossible Burger in Bread Street Kitchen Singapore branch as part of the official launch of Impossible Burger in the country.

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