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P&G to Ban Animal Testing Globally

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Consumer goods giant The Procter & Gamble Company, better known as P&G, has pledged to end cosmetics animal testing in all major markets by 2023.

P&G — which owns household cosmetics brands like Head & Shoulders, Secret, Gillette and Olay — pledges to ban cosmetics testing in a joint effort with the Humane Society International (HSI) as part of its #BeCrueltyFree campaign.

#BeCrueltyFree was launched in 2012 with a mission of ending cosmetics animal testing in places where the practice is still legal or even required by law.

“We are pleased to partner with the Humane Society International in the quest to end cosmetic animal testing. I’m proud of the passion and expertise our researchers have contributed already to this goal,” said Kathy Fish, Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer, Procter & Gamble.

“I know they will continue to be a force for good, providing leadership and advocacy to help achieve our shared vision.”

In addition to ending cosmetics animal testing, P&G has committed to providing education about cruelty-free alternatives and advocating for lawmakers to end the practice in key global beauty markets.

Kitty Block, President of Humane Society International and the Humane Society of the United States, said: “This partnership represents an important milestone in our efforts to end animal testing for cosmetics worldwide through our #BeCrueltyFree campaign.

“By working together with forward-looking companies like Procter & Gamble, we can make this ambitious goal a reality.”

P&G has collaborated with HSI and Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for over 20 years to develop cruelty-free testing methods.

Now the group hopes to introduce these new testing methods to lawmakers and corporations to achieve their goal of putting an end to cosmetics animal testing.

“We’ve invested more than $420 million over forty years in developing non-animal test methods,” said Dr. Harald Schlatter, P&G Corporate Communications and Animal Welfare Advocacy.

“Our researchers have led or co-designed at least twenty-five cruelty-free methods that have replaced animal testing of cosmetic products. HSI and the HSUS have been powerful partners in advancing these methods globally.”

P&G also announced recently that its Herbal Essences brand of hair care products will soon feature a PETA cruelty-free bunny logo.

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