Petition Calls for McDonald’s to Add McVegan Burger to U.S. Menu

McVegan | Image credit: McDonald's

A petition that calls for McDonald’s to add a vegan burger to its menu is picking up steam, with over 163,000 signatures and counting.

The petition, which calls for McDonald’s to add a vegan burger, was initially started over five years ago but has recently seen a spike in the number of signatures following Burger King adding the plant-based Impossible Burger to its menu.

The petition was started by Kathy Freston, wellness advocate and author of the New York Times best seller Clean Protein.

“Plant-based and animal-based burgers have become nearly indistinguishable in taste,” said Freston. “The consumer wants options, and so far, McDonald’s has not heard us.”

“As the battle for the best meatless burger ramps up, McDonald’s is being left behind by its biggest rival. A full third of us identify as flexitarians – people who are moving away from too much meat – so why not have something for everyone? It’s time to move away from old-school food and into a cleaner future!”

With renewed calls for McDonald’s to add a vegan option, Freston recently posted on Facebook, urging her followers to sign the petition.

“According to their website @mcdonalds purchases 70,000,000 pounds of beef per year in the US (What?!?),” she wrote.

“This alone is reason enough to incorporate a vegan option onto your menu. If that number dropped, even by a fraction, by offering a vegan, clean protein option, lives will be saved and you could make less of an environmental footprint. Then I can kinda say ‘I’m lovin’ it!'”.

McDonald’s already offers vegan burgers and other meal options in a number of locations around the globe, including the McFalafel in Sweden, a Spicy Veggie Wrap and Happy Meal in the UK, the El Veggo in Finland and the McVegan in Sweden.

However, the fast food giant doesn’t offer very much in terms of vegan meals in the United States, where even the french fries are not vegan (or vegetarian), as they contain beef flavoring.

McDonald’s does appear to be testing plant-based options in the United States as the company added the McAloo Tikki burger, which is available in India, to the menu at its global headquarter’s restaurant in Chicago in December.

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