PETA Launches America’s Cutest Vegan Kid Competition

Vegan Kid
Vegan Contestant | Image: PETA Kids

Animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched America’s Cutest Vegan Kid competition 2019.

PETA’s annual America’s Cutest Vegan Kid competition aims to recognize vegan children age 12 and below who go above and beyond to help animals and show that there is nothing cuter than compassion.

“Kids can help animals in so many ways, from going vegan to choosing not to dissect to staying away from cruel theme parks like SeaWorld,” Rachelle Owen, PETA Director of Student Campaigns and Influence, said.

“There’s nothing cuter than compassion, and PETA Kids is searching for nominees who are making a huge difference in animals’ lives.”

Vegan Contestant | Image: PETA Kids

The nomination period runs from May 3 to 16, followed by a voting round from May 21 to 31.

Voting for the finalists runs from June 4 to 14, and PETA Kids will select the winner based on a few factors, including vote count.

The winner of the competition will receive a special prize pack, including a personalized trophy, while the second runner up will receive a PETA Kids t-shirt. Both will be featured on the PETA Kids website.

Zuhal, one of the 20 finalists. | credit: PETA

PETA also launched the Sexiest Vegan Next Door competition this year, which was modeled after PETA’s famous Sexiest Vegan Celebrity and Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities competitions.

It aims to show off unique, vegan individuals who are a living proof that there’s nothing sexier than being compassionate.

According to PETA, the competition is not just about looks as it focuses more on recognizing the “everyday heroes who are making the world a kinder place.”

Hundreds of vegans joined the competition, but there are only 20 contestants left as the organization already chose the finalists.

The two winners of the gender-neutral vegan contest will each receive a 7-night trip to Hawaii, including airfare and accommodation, courtesy of Humane Travel.

The winner of the Sexiest Vegan Next Door competition will be announced on May 13, while that of the America’s Cutest Vegan Kid competition will be announced on June 18.

More details about PETA’s America’s Cutest Vegan Competition 2019 can be found on the PETA Kids website.

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