Pedro Castillo gave his first speech as president of Peru: “I ask for the loyalty of this people”

The proclaimed president-elect of Peru, Pedro Castillo, gave his first speech minutes after the National Elections Jury (JNE) reject the appeals and challenges and declare him as the legitimate first president, without fraud.

“It is not the result of a one-year struggle, but rather it’s a feat which was undertaken many years ago, “said Castillo, and called on” the loyalty of this people “to” make a more just and sovereign country. “

“It will be a government in which no one will be left behind. Bring your differences, but with loyalty and dignity. And know that we won’t let them steal a penny“Castillo remarked from a balcony of the Peru Libre party headquarters, in Lima, before thousands of followers.

The designated president called for “unity to open the door” to the next Peruvian bicentennial “with all its differences, with its problems,” and stressed that “Peru comes first, you come first, first is the peruvian race“.

Castillo, who will formally take office on July 28, showed his already iconic hat and he was escorted by the vice-elect, Dina Boluarte.

“I bring an open heart for each and every one of you. I trust you, and ask for the loyalty of this people; I also ask for the effort and sacrifice that we will share together in this fight to make a people fairer and more sovereign“said the teacher unionist of the Peruvian left who comes to power.

Then, addressing directly to the now former Popular Force candidate, Keiko Fujimori, he asked her do not put “more barriers in this journey, more obstacles to move this country forward. “

“Welcome to this space to make a government of all, without discrimination, without looking askance at the disabled, at Afro-Peruvians, the Quechuas, the Aymara, all ethnic groups, “he said.

A while before his first speech as president-elect, Castillo had thanked the “Peruvian people” in a message on his Twitter account for the “historic triumph.”

“The time has come to call on all sectors of society to build together, in this Bicentennial, an inclusive Peru, a just Peru, a Free Peru. Without discrimination and for the rights and all, “added in that message, the candidate who was questioned by ultra-conservative positions on issues such as abortion or sexual minority rights.

And he continued with a call to “the Afro, coastal, Andean and Amazonian peoples, the working class and their unions, the native and peasant communities and the entire society to make this homeland beautiful.”

Cristina Kirchner’s greeting

The Argentine vice president, Cristina Kirchner, greeted the proclaimed president of Peru via Twitter.

“All our congratulations to Pedro Castillo, who was finally proclaiming today president-elect of Peru, “the tweet started.

“We wish you much success in his management and we send a big hug to the dear Peruvian people, “the post ended.

Alberto Fernández also sent his message, although with the particularity of retweeting himself: a controversial publication that he made on June 10 when Castillo had not yet been confirmed as the winner of the elections refloated.

Congratulations also came from the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

“In this new political cycle that is opening, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, congratulates the elected president of the Republic of Peru, Pedro Castillo Terrones, and his Peru Libre party, wishing you a lot of wisdom at the time of assuming the direction of the destinies of that sister and beloved nation, “said the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry in a statement.

In the text, the Maduro Administration expresses “its firm will to work hand in hand with the new Government of Peru, in order to develop a bilateral relationship of comprehensive cooperation“.

Source: Télam.



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