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Pain in Italy: two climbers died frozen in the Alps when they were in the middle of a snowstorm

Italy suffers the death of young mountaineers Martina Svilpo (29) and Paola Viscardi (28), who died frozen at stay in the middle of a heavy snowstorm on Monte Rosa, in the Piedmont region.

According to the Italian media, the climbers died in the area called Pyramid Vincent, a 4,200 meters of altitude. They both cultivated a great friendship and a passion for mountain adventure.

Paola and Martina, along with their hiking companion, Valerio Zolla (27), were found on Saturday night by Italian and Swiss rescue teams.

Zolla is hospitalized for hypothermia in Vierge, Switzerland, from where he recounted that the weather “changed in five minutes“and that the storm left them” blocked at high altitude, “according to local media such as The print e The messenger.

In addition, the surviving mountaineer explained that it was so cold that he took off “the gloves to give them“to her companions.” I did what I could to help the rescuers, “he said.

The girls were transferred to the Mantova refuge, some 700 meters below, where the doctor’s attempts to reanimarlas they were useless. It was midnight when the Swiss helicopter managed to land.

It was Zolla who asked for help at 2:30 p.m. local time that Saturday. “We are at Giordani Peak,” he told them, but in reality the three friends were at the Vincent Pyramid, in the middle of a storm.

After Zolla’s call, the first rescue team left on foot and the guides followed a path that did not lead them to the place, but to another cabin: “We are not the ones who have asked for help,” they were told there. These were crucial times.

From that moment on, the wait for new information began, until they could pget in touch with Zolla’s family. At that time it was confirmed that the young man was in the mountains.

The young man got call againor, but gave an incorrect indication, that it was in the Giordani, but added: “I see the Cristo delle Vette”. The statue is on top of the rocky island, from which the guides deduced that they were in the Pyramid of Vincent.

In total they were seventeen people involved to look for them. “When the rescuers arrived, the situation was desperate,” wrote the Italian media.

Who were Martina and Paola

Paola Viscardi was from Crevola d’Ossola and lived with her family (her parents Ezio and Teresa, and her brother Simone) in Melezzo, in the municipality of Trontano.

According to the newspaper The print, the Viscardi are a well-known family: the father, now retired, was in charge for many years of provincial roads of Ossola.

Having attended Rosmini High School and University, Paola taught biology at an institute in the canton of Valais, Switzerland, where the tragedy also hit hard.

“She was a happy girl, she loved life and mountains. I will take with me the memory of a kind and helpful person, “he told the Italian newspaper. Lucio Meazza, your teacher at school.

The news of his death surprised him as he walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela with a group of young people. “We had been in contact for a few days. She was carefree. Soon she would have made the same trip as us,” Meazza said.

Martina Svilpo Bionda was originally from Anzino, a Bannio village, in the Anzasca Valley. Her family is made up of Father Giulio, Mother Maria Grazia and Sister Federica.

Martina had not lived in that town for a long time, she had moved to Crodo with her partner. Like her friend Paola too they shared a passion for biology in addition to mountaineering.



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