Olympian and Baywatch Actress Launch Pro Plant-Based Diet Podcast

Switch4Good hosts, Olympian Dotsie Bausch and actress Alexandra Paul | Credit: Switch4Good

A new podcast series hosted by former model, Baywatch actress, and activist Alexandra Paul and Olympic silver medalist Dotsie Bausch encourages listeners to ditch dairy and adopt a plant-based diet.

The Switch4Good Podcast series is a weekly series, launched today, that features health experts, doctors, athletes, authors and chefs who give their insight on nutrition and athletic performance as they examine the connection between dairy and unhealthy eating.

Launched last year, Bausch’s Switch4Good organization is a non-profit group of athletes, doctors, nutritionists and trainers focused on advocating a plant-based diet and sharing the data that they say proves dairy is detrimental to human health.

“Going dairy free is a life-affirming choice. It is healthier for our body, mind and soul. It is kinder to animals, humans and the earth’s limited resources,” said Dotsie Bausch.

“By sharing our personal stories and the advice of healthy eating experts, we will continue to show that dairy is NOT a health food and offer help to those struggling with eating disorders. This podcast series is just one more step in our efforts to squash the lies and marketing gimmicks perpetuated by the dairy industry.”

On the Switch4Good Podcast, Bausch will share her challenges and journey to becoming a world-renowned, plant-based athlete, and Paul will discuss the challenges of an acting career, and her life as a health coach.

The first episode features vegan physician Milton Mills discussing the dangers of dairy.

“I think of milk sort of like meth,” said Dr. Mills. “You can choose to ingest it for fun and recreation, but in no sense of anyone’s imagination can it be considered healthful or good for you.”

The podcast is available for download at

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