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New Mutants No. 13. Being different is difficult even in Krakoa

New Mutants, the second series that Jonathan Hickman wrote within the mutant franchise continues its journey calmly and already stabilized with the presence of Vita Ayala to the script and Rod Reiss to the drawing

The x-babies series has been published for more than a year, and it continues to be one of the series that presents the most variations, in this case new characters, new young mutants who do not find their place, who have not yet been accepted and fall into the fabrics of one of the greatest mutant villains the Shadow King has ever had X-Men. While other classics like Poison Wolf, Mirage or Karma seek their place in the new mutant utopia, as teachers, friends and as adults.

Starting off weirdly with two different story lines, which they also did separately on two creative teams to work with, The New Mutants had a weird effect on readers. Hence perhaps one of the two might not attract him, but both lines will be interesting, one Ed Brisson’s brothers and one Jonathan Hickman’s. But this is over. We are already in a complete meeting in a single line, with an argument, which orders, stabilizes the series and gives it much more interest. With a Rod Reiss that abandons a bit the strange style that mixed superhero comics and paintings, which is perhaps not as figurative metaphorical as the cartoonist of Polish origins whom he imitates, but presents the saga in a more than acceptable way.

The world has changed, Krakoa is an ideal for all mutants, even those evil ones who were later resurrected to form society. One of them has always had great importance, although less presence than is believed, but its influence has always spread, we are talking about the Shadow King. That he has once again used what always characterized him mental manipulation, to enter the minds of the youngest of the island, but not only the youngest, but also the most outcast, those whose appearance or powers do not allow them to have relationships. normal. We speak of the ugly, of the mutants that do not resemble humans. The development of that plot works perfectly and Vita Ayala is able to make us think that everyone has agreed to feel different, those who seem normal, which is very easy for them, since all mutants can be the same, but those who do not They look the same, especially the younger ones, they are the ones who have problems for that union

We are in a story arc of broken adolescence, a very interesting path, and we also have the adventures of Karma and Mirage, two classic characters. There is something special about the series, in whose adventures they have given a lot of fun and above all some quite deep thoughts about the development of powers and relationships.

Rod Reiss is an author who was very influenced by Phil Noto and by Bill Sienkiewick, who had a stroke like Noto with pens and brushes, even if they are digital, for his strokes and with very powerful colors, perhaps not having the narrative capacity of both Authors blemished a bit, but the intentions of their own style were seen, even when these influences were so evident. But today he has finally found a different path, closer if you want to that of Sienkiewicz than that of Noto, in which several moments still fail, the dynamics of the movement of his characters is still somewhat rusty, but improves number a number..

The New Mutants They confirm their improvement by stabilizing with a single scriptwriter in all their plots. Gaining consistency, now we have to see what is going to come, the wickers are there, we just have to see what Ayala wants to get out of them.

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