New Film Draws Attention to China’s Role in Factory Farming

Image: Pixabay/ Jai79

Two vegan filmmakers have collaborated to produce a film that draws attention to worldwide suffering of pigs as well as the role China plays.

Co-produced by Chinese filmmaker Jian Yi and Emmy Award-winning U.S. filmmaker Allison Argo, “Piggy’s New Year’s Dream” is a short animated film that uses rotoscope animation, which traces over documentary footage of actual pig farming.

In honor of the Year of the Pig, which falls in 2019 under the Chinese lunisolar calendar, the documentary follows a pet pig who goes out to explore the world in search of other pigs, only to discover the terrifying reality of factory farming.

“The project was a multicultural (and multi time-zone) collaboration. I think the fact that our homelands are so vastly different helped create a universal story,” Filmmaker Allison Argo said.

“In fact, the story could take place in any country. Pig farming exists throughout the world and is becoming more and more mechanized. Sadly, this mechanization is leading to greater and greater mistreatment of pigs and other animals,” she added.

China consumes roughly 28% of the world’s meat and about half its pork. In 2016, the Chinese government put out dietary guidelines recommending the public cut their meat consumption in half.

“It’s the Year of the Pig, a good time to celebrate these amazing animals,” the film concludes.

“In the Chinese zodiac, people born in the year of the pig are seen as kind and generous.”

“Sadly, millions of pigs born this special year won’t live to see it end.”

Released in China in mid-February during the Lantern Festival, roughly two weeks after the Lunar New Year, “Piggy’s New Year’s Dream” has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

“Piggy’s New Year’s Dream” is available in English narration, English narration with Chinese subtitles, English narration with English subtitles and Chinese Narration with English subtitles.

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