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New Dog Dating App Allows Fur Parents to Show off Their Dogs and Find Playdates

Image: Instagram/Woofr

New dog dating app Woofr allows fur parents to show off their dogs and find other dogs for playdates.

Woofr, dubbed “social petwork” by its founder James Gaubert, aims to make it easier for dogs to connect with each other and help their fur parents find love, too.

It allows users to show off their dogs to meet other local fur parents and arrange play sessions that will likely help their pets be more happy and healthy.

“When it comes to making connections swiping left or right has become an integral part of the dating experience for many people,” Gaubert said in a statement sent to Vegan World News.

“Now we’ve opened the door for pet people to use the same kind of cool and convenient technology to find BFF’s for their beloved pooches, and maybe even a little love for themselves, something which everyone is sure to enjoy and appreciate.”

“Woofr is the dating app that puts hounds first and humans second.”

Woofr Dog Dating App
Image: Woofr

Woofr’s functions, similar to other dating apps, include creating a profile for your dog, uploading pictures of you and your dog, and browsing profiles of others dogs near you.

If you like what you see, you can swipe right to “like.” If not, then swipe left. If the other user returns your “like,” you are free to exchange messages and photos.

An additional feature includes being able to search by dog breed and send voice notes in which users can record their dog’s bark and send it to their new friends.

According to beta testers, registering and using the dog dating app takes no time at all, while some are thankful that their dogs are not lonely anymore as they can easily look for a playdate.

“I think Woofr is an amazing idea,” said Elisa Taylor in her review. “I live in a small but nice apartment, with my tiny little dog who is my pride and joy.”

“I do know she gets lonely when I go to work, but getting a second pet is not an option.”

“When a tech friend told me about Woofr I knew I’d be one of the first to use it and take her out to meet other dogs and be able to bond and have fun.”

“She loves other animals so this will be heaven for her. I expect to see lots of tag wagging soon!”

Woofr is now available for free on iOS with a plan to roll out to Android in a few weeks time.

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