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Netflix wants all its workers vaccinated

Netflix will require a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 from all workers who participate in any of its productions in the United States.

In this way, the streaming platform becomes the first Hollywood studio to take this measure. Anyway, for now it will only apply to the area known as Zone A of the shootings, that is, the one that includes the cast and part of the technical team.

As published by the specialized media The Hollywood Reporter, the unions representing actors, screenwriters and other professionals involved accepted the measure. They consider that it will facilitate the work because it allows to relax certain sanitary protocols, despite the concern that the expansion of the Delta variant of the virus arouses.

Only certain religious, medical or age reasons will be accepted as exceptions for not being vaccinated.

The film set of The Midnight Sky.

Like Sean Penn, Facebook and Google

Last week, Sean Penn, who traveled to the Cannes Film Festival to support the world premiere of his film Flag Day, directed by and starring him, said that I would not work on the series again Gaslit, about the Watergate scandal, unless the entire cast and crew were fully vaccinated.

The path taken by Netflix is ​​in line with that of Google and Facebook, which will force their employees to be immunized to return to work in the offices. “We will require that anyone who works at one of our US campuses be vaccinated,” said Facebook, which predicts that offices in the country will be at half capacity in September.

In any case, various studies indicate that teleworking is beneficial for both workers and companies. It is proven that salaried employees get a more suitable environment for their tasks outside their offices, thus increasing their productivity.

Sean Penn also asked that those who work with him be vaccinated.  AP Photo

Sean Penn also asked that those who work with him be vaccinated. AP Photo

What happens in the united states

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established in May that the fully vaccinated population in the United States I could stop wearing a chinstrap for most of the time, even in closed spaces or in large groups of people.

But last week the prestigious virologist Anthony Fauci admitted that they are now considering recommending that those vaccinated use the chinstrap again, given an increase in infections that is taking the country “in the wrong direction.”

For her part, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed on Monday, July 26, that the intention of the Government chaired by Joe Biden is to maintain current travel restrictions.

In addition, he recalled that the Delta variant is spreading in the country and in the rest of the world, and in the case of the United States it caused a new wave that affects especially unvaccinated people, and that they hope will continue in the coming weeks.

Anthony Fauci.  The prestigious virologist suggests recommending to stop using the chinstraps.  Reuters photo

Anthony Fauci. The prestigious virologist suggests recommending to stop using the chinstraps. Reuters photo

The issue in California

Also this Monday the state of California, where most of the film and television studios are located, established that all state employees and health workers must be fully vaccinated.

State employees who are not vaccinated will have to undergo weekly tests to verify that they are not infected, while it is expected that public and private health workers who are not vaccinated will also have to be screened regularly.

Los Angeles County requires the use of chinstraps in indoor public spaces, while California recommends that people do so statewide.



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