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Most Popular Countries for Veganism in 2018

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Over the last decade, veganism has seen exponential growth. There has been over a 600% increase in people identifying as vegan within the last couple of years in the United States alone.

The UK has seen even more impressive growth with a spike of over 700% in the last few years, and China now has the largest vegan population with over 50 million people as meat consumption decreases and veganism is continuing to see growth there.

With the explosive growth the vegan movement is seeing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that veganism is going mainstream, and there is a lot more curiosity around the topic.

Data from Google Trends shows remarkable growth in interest in veganism between 2004 and 2019. But Chef’s Pencil decided to dig a little deeper into the analytics and break down the Google data to determine which countries and cities showed the most interest in veganism.

Google assigns a score based on the overall percentage of Google users in a particular country searching for a given topic. In this case, Chef’s Pencil gathered data for veganism-related searches.

These are the results.

Most Popular Countries for Veganism 2018

1. Australia

Google score: 100

2. United kingdom

Google score: 98

3. New Zealand

Google score: 87

4. Sweden

Google score: 84

5. Canada

Google score: 79

6. Israel

Google score: 78

7. USA

Google score: 65

8. Ireland

Google score: 62

9. Austria

Google score: 60

10. Germany

Google score: 59

Are you curious about the most popular cities for veganism in 2018? Check out that list here.

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