Most Popular Cities for Veganism in 2018

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When it comes to interest in veganism, not all cities are created equal. As millennials and the younger generation drive the vegan movement, most of those who show interest in the lifestyle understandably live in urban and suburban areas.

As the movement continues to see astounding growth, and searches for veganism and vegan-related terms increase, Chef’s Pencil decided to dig into Google’s search data to determine the exact cities that show the most interest in veganism.

Google assigns a score for each city and country showing the interest level of a particular topic. The scores are assigned based on the overall percentage of Google users in a particular city who search for a particular topic when compared with users in other cities.

Here are the top 10.

1. Bristol

Vegan Popularity Score: 100
European Ranking: 1st

2. Portland

Vegan Popularity Score: 92
North American Ranking: 1st

3. Edinburgh

Vegan Popularity Score: 75
European Ranking: 2nd

4. Vancouver

Vegan Popularity Score: 71
North American Ranking: 2nd

5. Seattle

Vegan Popularity Score: 70
North American Ranking: 3rd

6. Manchester

Vegan Popularity Score: 67
European Ranking: 3rd

7. London

Vegan Popularity Score: 66
European Ranking: 4th

8. Leeds

Vegan Popularity Score: 69
European Ranking: 5th

9. Los Angeles

Vegan Popularity Score: 66
North American Ranking: 4th

10. Glasgow

Vegan Popularity Score: 66
European Ranking: 6th 

Curious about which countries were the most popular for veganism in 2018? Check out that list here.

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Most Popular Countries for Veganism in 2018

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