Miss New Hampshire Pageant Urged to Ban Fur Coats

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The Miss New Hampshire Organization, responsible for the state’s annual beauty pageant, is being urged by vegans and other concerned animal lovers to stop receiving fur coats made from skinned wild animals.

According to the petition, the organization has been accepting animal-derived fur coats from New Hampshire trappers and the New Hampshire Trappers Association every year for decades.

“There are less than 500 trappers in the state of NH, mostly men, and trapped animals can be bludgeoned, drowned or suffocated,” said Kristina Snyder, who created the petition.

“This fur coat acceptance is an antiquated tradition and does not reflect modern times and trends.”

“Today in 2019 there is irrefutable proof that these animals suffer in these traps and can be tortured by trappers. Proof that is provided by the trappers themselves through the videos, pictures and comments they post!”

Fur Jacket
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Many countries, states, fashion brands, and retailers have already banned fur due to animal welfare and environmental concerns.

Recently, Los Angeles decided to ban the sales and production of fur, making it the largest city in the US to pass this type of ordinance.

The ban applies to a variety of products such as clothing, bags, jewelry, and other accessories.

Luxury fashion online retailer Farfetch also recently banned the sale of fur after The Independent found it selling parka with a hamster fur lining, jacket and coat with lynx fur, and beaver fur clothing.

Last year, luxury fashion brand Chanel also announced that it will finally ban fur and exotic animal skins from its future collections after years of being called out by vegans and animal rights organizations.

PETA Fur Protest
Image: PETA

Snyder insists that it is finally time for Miss New Hampshire Organization as well as Miss America to follow others’ example in “taking a stand against cruelty to animals and say no to this fur coat.”

“These young women are supposed to reflect today’s society and trends,” she said. “They should show independence, compassion, and caring towards animals.”

“By staying stuck in the past and accepting a fur coat made from tortured animals, instead it shows a regressive stance by this organization.”

The petition has around 1,000 signs out of a goal of 2,500. Those who want learn more about animal trapping can check out NH Citizens Against Recreational Trapping, a group that exposes the industry.

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