Mexico ruled out requiring a vaccination card for international travelers

During the pandemic, Mexico also refrained from requesting negative coronavirus tests as a condition for entering its territory.

López Gatell, spokesman for the health emergency, indicated that some countries are experiencing outbreaks despite requiring travelers to receive immunization certificates and negative tests.

In this sense, he referred to the existence of a sanitary regulation of the World Health Organization, according to which the measures to prevent the spread of diseases “must be based on an appropriate foundation and not be excessive” in terms of interfering with traffic or trade between nations.

The vaccination certificate “is not an effective measure and, on the other hand, seriously affects the well-being of societies,” the official was quoted as saying by AFP news agency.

A “conservative” estimate from the Ministry of Tourism indicates that Mexico will receive 20.2 million visits during the current summer season, which will last until next month, which would represent an increase of 178% compared to the July-August period of 2020.

It is expected an increase in tourists from the United States, Spain and France, among others, and an economic collection of about 2.452 million dollars, with a hotel occupancy of 52.2%.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism in Mexico represented 8.7% of GDP.

The country, of 126 million inhabitants, is the fourth worst hit in absolute numbers by the pandemic with 236,469 deaths, although its mortality rate per 100,000 inhabitants is ranked 22nd in the world ranking.

Although Mexico faces a third wave of infections, death and hospitalization indicators remain stable thanks to the advance in vaccination, according to the government.

However, states such as Quintana Roo, where the Cancun resort is located and one of the most visited by foreigners, is at an orange traffic light, prior to the maximum risk red, according to health authorities.


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