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Meet PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegan Next Door’ Finalists

Zuhal, one of the 20 finalists. | credit: PETA

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has chosen its finalists for the 2019 Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest.

Hundreds of people entered PETA’s contest to be crowned this year’s sexiest vegan, but now the competition is down to just 20 contestants.

The two winners of the gender-neutral contest will each receive a 7-night trip to Hawaii, including airfare and accommodation, courtesy of Humane Travel.

According to PETA, the contest isn’t only about looks, as the name may suggest.

“PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest recognizes the everyday heroes to animals who are making the world a kinder place each time they sit down to eat,” says the animal rights organization.

With that in mind, take a look at five finalists selected randomly.

Nour Danno

Image: Instagram/ Nour Danno

Nour Danno is a former reporter and news anchor who moved to Michigan last summer from Lebanon. She was a runner-up in the 2015 Miss Lebanon contest.

But there’s more to Danno than just her looks. She studied nutrition and physical education at Notre Dame University in Lebanon.

“Everybody is born for a reason, and I believe I was born to help people improve their health and save animals’ lives,” she says.

Kenny Nero

Credit: PETA

Washington, D.C. librarian Kenny Nero has been vegan for a decade and vegetarian since birth.

The high school librarian says he orders books on affordable, healthy vegan eating for his students.

“Going vegan is one way that we can reject systemic violence and strive for justice,” said Nero.

Jasmine Nakasone

Image: Facebook

A licensed nurse, Jasmine Nakasone runs a vegan lifestyle blog, Love Always, Jasmine. She is also a mother and a wife.

“If you don’t have equality in one aspect of society, then you can’t expect it anywhere else,” said Nakasone. “That’s what a vegan lifestyle is about for me—a way to help make sure everyone is treated right, including animals.”

Kevin Duffy

Credit: PETA

Kevin Duffy, a New York firefighter for the past eight years, has an impressive record of accomplishments. Duffy is a five-time Ironman, eight-time half-Ironman, and he has completed five marathons.

He credits a vegan diet for helping him improve his athletic performance and decrease recovery time.

“Healthy living, my new lifestyle, and plant-based food have helped me to change my life around, live with purpose, and give back to others,” Duffy says.

Daniela Habermehl

Image: PETA

A Florida IT manager who formerly raised pigs for slaughter in a 4-H program, Daniela Habermehl is now an advocate for animals.

After Hurricane Florence, photos she captured on her mission to save animals raised awareness to the fact that many meat producers refused to evacuate animals.

To see all 20 finalists and place a vote, visit PETA’s website. The winners will be selected based on several factors, including votes. Voting ends 12 noon EDT on May 13.

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