Meat Company Launches Plant-Based Line Due to ‘Evolving’ Consumer Habits

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A Northern Ireland meat company has launched a plant-based line of food due to increasing demand for meat-free items.

Cloughbane Farm, based in Tyrone, Northern Ireland, is a farm shop serving up meals centered around steak, chicken, lamb and pork.

However, the small company, which sells its products across Tyrone County, now serves meat-free dishes as well, attributing the shift to consumers turning more toward plant foods.

“Consumer habits are evolving, and the past 12 months have seen a surge in demand for plant-based meal options,” Founder Lorna Robinson told AgriLand.

“The emergence of the flexitarian diet also means that these products no longer appeal exclusively to people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet – they have mass market appeal.”

The meat-free range has even nabbed an industry award, with the company’s Spicy Lentil & Root Vegetable Casserole taking the prize for ‘Best New Product from a Small Company’ at the Northern Ireland Food and Drink Awards.

Cloughbane Farm is just one of a growing number of meat companies offering meat-free food as consumers continue to increase the amount of plant-based food they eat, often due to health and environmental concerns.

UK beef processing giant ABP launched its line of vegan meat products to capitalize on the trend toward plant-based food.

“Our core business is and will remain in beef but we recognize the growing demand for products that fit a flexitarian and meat-free lifestyle,” the company said.

Major German meat producer Rügenwalder Mühle also offers a meat-free line of products, which accounted for a sizable 30% of its 210 million euro revenue in 2018.

Meanwhile, the world’s second largest meat processor, Tyson Foods, is developing its first line of plant-based protein.

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