McDonald’s Replaces Fries with Cucumbers in Happy Meals for Diversity

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McDonald’s France replaced its french fries with cucumbers in Happy Meals to diversify what it offers to diners, especially children.

According to VegNews, McDonald’s France started offering freshly cut cucumbers instead of the classic french fries in Happy Meals to promote fruits and vegetables to children.

“The arrival of the Little Cucumbers is fully in line with our approach to diversifying the range of products for children,” Delphine Smagghe, McDonald’s Vice President of Purchasing, Quality, Sustainable Development, and Communication, said in a statement.

“Today, nearly half of the fruit consumed by children under 15 years of age in commercial catering is at McDonald’s.”

“From now on, we want to carry this commitment further by promoting vegetables to the youngest, while remaining a privileged partner of the French agricultural sectors.”

Vegan Happy Meal
Image: Vegan Life

Aside from the cucumbers, which are provided by 16 local farms in the country, McDonald’s France also offers carrot sticks and grape tomatoes for Happy Meals.

The fast food giant has also been adding more vegan and vegetarian options in different locations around the world, including vegan Happy Meals.

In January, McDonald’s UK launched its very first vegan Happy Meal in time for the well-known, monthlong vegan challenge Veganuary.

The Happy Meal, created by the fast food giant in partnership with vegetarian nonprofit The Vegetarian Society and influencer network Britmums, features a breaded red pesto goujon wrap rather than burger or nuggets that usually accompany a Happy Meal.

The goujon is made with yellow split peas, tomato paste, sundried tomato pesto, red pepper, olive oil, sugar, herbs and spices, and Arborio rice all wrapped in a tortilla wrap.

The wrap is then served with tomato ketchup and shredded lettuce to complete the Happy Meal.

Image: McDonald’s

In Sweden, McDonald’s also added vegan McFalafel to its menu as part of its first vegan Happy Meal, which came just a few weeks after McDonald’s UK launched its own vegan Happy Meal.

The McFalafel features falafels made with chickpeas and seasoned with cumin, parsley, and garlic.

The four-piece falafel Happy Meal comes with one of two dipping sauces — a vegetarian yogurt sauce or a vegan pepper dip.

Diners can also choose to have the meal with french fries, apples, or carrots and a beverage.

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