McDonald’s Customer Has Nightmares After Seeing Feathers in Chicken Meal

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A McDonald’s customer in Beijing claims that her daughter now has nightmares after seeing feathers still attached to the chicken they ordered.

According to South China Morning Post, a woman called “Zhou” took to social media to complain about her horrifying experience when she ordered a chicken meal from McDonald’s and it arrived with feathers still attached.

Unfortunately, Zhou did not notice the feathers when she fed the chicken to her daughter until her daughter pointed it out.

“A chicken wing overgrown with feathers was fried and then sold, to be sent straight into a child’s mouth!” said Zhou on her post on social media, with a photo of the chicken with feathers clearly seen attached through the fried coating.

She shared that McDonald’s contacted her and offered to give her compensation that is 10 times the price of the chicken meal with additional 300 yuan (US$45) in meal coupons and cash, but she refused and decided to report the incident to the local food safety administration instead.

She added: “Who can accept this? My child is now having nightmares, and whenever she eats she retches.”

McDonald’s China posted an apology on its official Weibo account and confirmed that it had conducted an investigation regarding the mishap.

“We express our sincere apologies for the product flaw which was not immediately detected by the restaurant and has caused inconvenience for the customer,” said McDonald’s China.

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This is not the first time that McDonald’s has been called out by its customers for its mishaps.

In March, a furious vegetarian customer at a McDonald’s branch in England was caught on video yelling at a staff when he lost his patience for being served meat twice when he ordered via drive-through.

McDonald’s UK launched a vegan-friendly Veggie Wrap in December 2018 but the fast food chain angered many vegan and vegetarian customers who were served meat in their wraps.

The Veggie Wrap is supposed to contain two Red Pesto Goujons made from yellow split peas, red pepper, sugar, tomato paste, sundried tomato pesto, olive oil, herbs and spices, and Arborio rice.

However, many vegan and vegetarian customers reported that the veggie wrap that they ordered contained chicken instead of plant-based goujons.

A vegan customer even received Twitter abuse for calling out the fast food giant regarding its “incompetence,” with some meat-eating Twitter users telling her to “kill herself.”

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