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Major Supermarkets Recalled “Vegan” Products as They Actually Contain Dairy

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Major supermarkets such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, and Morrisons recalled their “vegan” products as they actually contain dairy.

Major supermarkets recalled a huge list of their incorrectly vegan-labelled products that were already on the shelves, Gloucestershire Live reports.

According to the Food Safety Association (FSA), products that fail to mention possible allergens in the ingredients list such as nuts, dairy, egg, and gluten can be potentially harmful to people with allergies or intolerance.

Major supermarkets requested to recall their products that were found to contain dairy but were incorrectly labeled as vegan.

Sainsbury’s recalled its 500-mL Mango Sorbet with a best before date of November 2019 as it may contain traces of milk but was not indicated on the label, which could be harmful to people with extreme dairy allergies or intolerance.

Morrisons recalled its vegan Chinese Takeaway Chicken Curry and Sweet & Sour Chicken (package size: 1,245 grams; best used before dates: March 4, March 5, and March 6, 2019) as well as Takeaway Chicken in Black Bean Sauce and Sweet & Sour Chicken (package size: 1,245 grams; best used before dates: March 4, March 5, and March 6, 2019) for the same reason.

Waitrose also recalled its Graze Sea Salt & Vinegar Veg Crunchers (packaging size: 26 grams; batch numbers: 426938, 426559, and 427156; best-before dates: June 20, June 28, and July 2, 2019) as they were incorrectly labeled as vegan despite containing dairy.

Lastly, Lidl recalled its Kania Sea Salt Ceramic Grinders (packaging size: 110 grams; batch codes: 9032AA, 9032BAM 9032CA, 9032CB, 9033AB, and 9033AC; best before date: 2024) and Kania Black Peppercorns Ceramic Grinders (packaging size: 50 grams; batch codes: 02/2024; best before date: 2014) as they might contain pieces of glass.

It also recalled Sondey Orange Jaffa Cakes (product size: 300 grams; best before dates: January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1, June 1, July 1, and August 1, 2019) and Sondey Jaffa Minis Orange Assortment (product size: 125 grams; best before dates: July 1, August 1, and November 1, 2019) as they may also contain dairy but were not indicated on the label.

The supermarkets apologized for the inconvenience caused and offered a full refund to consumers who already purchased the incorrectly labeled products.

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