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Lucifer: They assure that its end will be “bittersweet”

Lucifer fans have already started preparing for the series finale. Recently, it was revealed that its outcome will be “bittersweet.” What will happen?

Lucifer is getting closer to his end. The sixth season will land on Netflix on September 10, and it will be the last installment of the story that fans of the series will receive. Therefore, the followers are eager to see what will happen and what the closure will be that the main character will have. Apparently, based on what transcended, it will be bittersweet.

During a meeting with TVLine, Lauren German and Tom Ellis They took the opportunity to talk about the sixth and final season that Lucifer will have. Although they did not reveal many details about it, they did ensure that the two protagonists will be on the same side and together. “Chloe and Lucifer really are a team and are there for each other as a couple. Normally they have this tug of war, but this latest installment is on the same team ”, the actress declared.

A bittersweet ending

After seeing the roller coaster that was the relationship between the two in each season of Lucifer, the fans will be very happy with this news and they will really enjoy seeing them together in good harmony. In this way, Tom Ellis ensures that the fans will get what they always wanted and it will be an end where everything will end up fitting together. “I hope your hearts are full of happiness at the same time ”, assured the protagonist of the story.

For her part, Lauren German assures that the end of Lucifer will be bittersweet. However, he explains that this is a good term to explain the series finale and that fans will definitely get what they always wanted to see. For now, fans will have to wait until September 10 to see if what the protagonists say will come true.

After being canceled after its third season, Lucifer is preparing to close its story with a sixth installment in a big way. That could be seen in the trailer released a while ago, where Netflix and the team preview some of the things that will happen in the new episodes.

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