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Liz Truss is Boris Johnson’s new chancellor: the story behind Dominque Raab’s firing

British Chancellor Dominique Raab lost his position this wednesday in a

Being vice premier is a position that de facto has every secretary of state in excercise.

Raab, a Brexiteer of the first hour, was furious at the new designation, having been harshly criticized for his management at the Foreign Office. Diplomats always considered him a “complete controller” who did not know how to delegate and had never visited Pakistan, Afghanistan and their neighboring countries when Britain was preparing for military withdrawal.

In the post-retirement he did not have a better performance: a Pakistani helicopter deposited him on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan so that he would have an idea of ​​what the boundary and the tribal area were like two weeks ago. He had never been to or visited British troops.

Raab had replaced Boris as prime minister when he fell ill with Covid and was hospitalized in serious condition. I did not expect this removal. He had a grin on his face when he entered Downing St to be informed of the changes.

Liz Truss

He is replaced by the former secretary of state Liz Truss, until today secretary of international trade. He is very popular in the Conservative Party and very efficient in his role to negotiate post-Brexit deals.

Ultra Brexiteer and Interior Minister Preti Patel also entered Boris Johnson’s office. She has just been confirmed as interior minister and will reaffirm her hard line against migrants.

Chancellor of Finance Rishi Sunak was confirmed in his post, having been one of the leading figures in the pandemic crisis with his rescue packages.

Another of those fired was Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, which has been harshly criticized for its management in that portfolio. Also included on that list are Amanda Milling, vice president of the Conservative party, and Robert Buckand, attorney general.

Secretary of State and former Times reporter Michael Gove could be promoted.

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