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Letter with three bullets to Pope Francis: they identify the author and now they are looking for him

A French postage stamp letter addressed simply to “El Papa, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square in Rome” which arrived at dawn on Monday at the Italian mail distribution center in Pescheria Borromeo, in the Milan area. Contained three pistol shells.

From time to time the Argentine pontiff receives this type of threats, which althoughor are considered a serious danger they are always controlled.

The “letter” With the projectiles, she was immediately kidnapped by the Police Force, called by those responsible for the post office.

Who sent the letter?

During the same morning on Monday, it was reported that the one who sent the letter had been identified.

A brief information indicates that “it is about a man already known to the Vatican gendarmes with whom the carabinieri of Milan will coordinate to evaluate the gesture and the possible danger ”.

The lightning speed of the identification allows us to deduce that the Vatican Gendarmerie, in charge of ensuring the safety of Francesco, tcalligraphy has been cataloged for a long time and the modalities of the one who wrote the letter.

It is clear that this is someone known to having sent such letters to the Vatican in the past.

What most interests the police is to know where the character is. “It is not the same to know that it is in France and not in St. Peter’s Square in Rome,” the researchers commented.

Although it may be the psychiatric maniac of always, the carabinieri and the Vatican gendarmerie do not believe that the matter should be taken lightly.

The letter stamp she is french and inside the envelope there is a copy of a payment of ten euros but it is not known why or under what circumstances it was made.

Criminal trial

The newspaper Corriere della Sera provides a piece of information: the letter also had a message related to the trial initiated in the Vatican on July 27 against ten people, including a cardinal, for alleged irregularities in the purchase of properties of the Holy See.

The criminal trial is the most scandalous in Vatican history in which the main defendant is the Italian cardinal Angelo Becciu, accused with nine officials, financial speculators and lawyers of having committed crimes of embezzlement, abuse of functions, fraud, extortion and money laundering.

A story that is written from the decision of Becciu, who was the “Minister of the Interior” of Pope Francis, to invest 200 million euros in 2014 on the purchase of a luxury building in London that had been a warehouse for Harrods stores.

The operation was demonstrated a nightmare for the interests that were unleashed to explode the worst corruption scandal in the Vatican in the last 30 years.

The first hearing lasted more than seven hours in an improvised court in a room of the Vatican Museums, due to the lack of space in the seat of justice.

After a first instance, the trial will now continue in October.

Vatican, correspondent



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