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Leonardo DiCaprio, attacked by environmental groups

Leonardo DiCaprio’s position in favor of caring for the planet and the environment is well known. Beyond his public statements, the actor has demonstrated with facts his commitment against climate change as ambassador for the United Nations and with millionaire donations to stop deforestation in the Amazon, among other things.

Among his most ambitious projects is buying an island off the coast of Belize, which he wants to transform into a sustainable tourist attraction. But despite good intentions, some environmentalists accuse him of being a hypocrite. For that place, Leonardo DiCaprio paid two million dollars six years ago.

But apparently the plan came to nothing. The ecofriendly luxury resort that aimed to “change the world” and show that another type of tourism is possible, we will see.

Currently, the resort project remains stagnant, as it was bought in 2015. According to some sources, this is because the Hollywood star has received a lot of pressure from environmental groups, local fishermen and other organizations that do not look favorably on the project.

Leonardo DiCaprio, years ago during a presentation at the United Nations in favor of the environment. AP Photo.

Only for millionaires?

Many criticized the initiative designed exclusively for millionaires. “Apparently DiCaprio wanted to heal the local people, building a luxury resort for the rich“The activists complained. And in the area, there are already several protests that had the actor as the main focus.” He is a complete hypocrite. Fly fishing is essential in Belize for tourism. Calling this plan sustainable is disgusting, “they added.

One of the main complaints against DiCaprio comes precisely from the sea. This area is one of the most visited in the world for fly fishermen. For this reason, tourists come to Belize from all corners of the planet in search of this fishing, which pays them some $ 100 million annually.

But if the construction planned by Di Caprio were to take shape, which would include houses, a port and different elements necessary for the maintenance of the area, the marine fauna of the place would be seriously threatened. Critics of the project the disappearance of the fish in the breeding area would have a tremendous effect in the local economy.

Leonardo DiCaprio is accused of wanting to build a resort for the rich.  Photo EFE

Leonardo DiCaprio is accused of wanting to build a resort for the rich. Photo EFE

Worried about damage

For now, the actor has avoided responding directly to the accusations and, according to those close to him, was concerned about the situation. “He is willing not to carry out the project if you are not sure it will be one hundred percent suitable and that its construction will not generate environmental damage “, assure its closest sources.

From the actor’s environment they also defend themselves by explaining that, before DiCaprio bought the island, commissioned an investigation to learn about environmental conditions, biological and geological site, which took three years of work. “I would not go to Belize to build this island and do something like that if I did not have the idea that it can be something for the environmental movement. It must be a model for the future,” he explained in an interview.

But now, with the protests and media coverage of the case, the plans remain on hold and without a future date.



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