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León Gieco, David Lebón and Eruca Sativa, among the confirmed figures for the Solidarity Student Day

León Gieco, Gustavo Santaolalla, David Lebón, Ricardo Mollo, Litto Fog, Eruca Sativa, the Colombian Andrea Echeverri and the Mexican Julieta Venegas are some of the figures confirmed for the festival for the Solidarity Student Day, organized by the civil association Driving Conscience, which It will take place on October 8, at 22, by streaming.

The large grid also includes Lito Vitale, Hilda Lizarazu, Mavi Díaz, Sandra Mihanovich, Patricia Sosa, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Marcela Morelo, Leo García, Ligia Piro, Raly Barrionuevo, Uruguayan Ana Prada, La Bruja Salguero, Franco Luciani, Nahuel Pennisi, Javier Malosetti, Los Tipitos, Yaceré Manso and Arbolito, among many others.

The concert, which It will coincide with the 15th anniversary of the road accident that in 2006 cost the lives of nine students and their teacher who were returning from a solidarity trip to Chaco, can be seen through Tickethoy.

Gabriel Pedernera, Lula Bertoldi and Brenda Martin: Eruca Sativa will say present at the call. Photo Luciana D’Attoma

The memory of a tragic day

The date was incorporated into the academic calendar in 2007, by the Ministry of Education of the Nation, in commemoration of the students and the teacher of the ECOS school who lost their lives in a road accident when They were returning from a solidarity activity at School No. 375 in El Paraisal, in the province of Chaco.

From that fact, relatives and friends of the victims, organized in the fight to demand that Road Safety be a State policy and reaffirm that these are avoidable tragedies.

At the same time, after the tragedy, various musicians driven by Luis Alberto Spinetta, who got involved with the tragedy after his daughter Vera had been a student at the Villa Crespo school and a friend of the boys who died, they decided to hold an annual charity concert.

Luis Alberto Spinetta made the cause of the Ecos boys his own cause, and became their main promoter.  Photo Martín Bonetto / Clarín Archive

Luis Alberto Spinetta made the cause of the Ecos boys his own cause, and became their main promoter. Photo Martín Bonetto / Clarín Archive

The guiding idea of ​​the initiative was give continuity to the work carried out by the victims, in support of the civil association formed by the families of the victims.

On the other hand, the fact of having an event every October 8, not only makes visible the message of the Association Conduiendo A Conciencia, but also the close bond that musicians have had with this cause since 2006, committing themselves and helping to give continuity to the work they do throughout the year.

The value of a song

What’s more, October 8th is the title of a song composed for the occasion by Spinetta and León Gieco himself.

On this occasion, the proceeds will go to the buys non-perishable food and school supplies that will reach 18 rural schools and three hospitals in five provinces in the north of the country.

León Gieco is one of the authors of the song '8 de Octubre'.  Photo GENTILEZA COSQUÍN ROCK

León Gieco is one of the authors of the song ‘8 de Octubre’. Photo GENTILEZA COSQUÍN ROCK

The accesses are already available through TICKETHOY ( and, the platform that will broadcast this event. Three conscious access values ​​will be available, from $ .600.- $ .800. and $ 1,200.- for that the public – within their possibilities – can choose the amount of their ticket and collaboration.

Likewise, and for those who wish to make a greater contribution regardless of the artistic event, they can do so through the hosted QR on the Driving to Consciousness website.



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