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La casa de papel: The theory about the series that worries fans

The paper house returned to the Netflix catalog and fans are waiting for the rest of the episodes, so they can find out what will happen to the characters.

After so much waiting, La casa de papel has finally launched the first episodes of its fifth season. This installment, unfortunately, will be the last of fiction. Therefore, Álex Pina and his team have a great job of finishing this story in a big way, meeting the expectations of the fans. Now, a theory that scared the fandom began to spin.

As Netflix prepares to release the last part of The Paper House on December 3, fans are already thinking theories about the end of the story. Without a doubt, all the followers of Spanish fiction want to know what will happen to The Professor and the other members of the team. We tell you what is the theory that has the fans of the series scared.

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A scary theory

Watch out, there are spoilers! If you already saw the first part of the fifth season of The Money Heist, surely you suffered with the death of Tokio, the character who played Úrsula Corberó from the first installment of the fiction. This outcome caught the fans of the series by surprise, who now have no doubt that anything can happen in the last episodes.

“I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I think Tokyo’s words at the end of episode 1 of part 5 revealed what will happen to most of the characters. I hope I’m wrong, but according to the scenes, neither Monica nor Denver will survive, neither of them will see their son again; The Professor and Raquel will not meet because one of them will die and Manila will also die ”, declared a fan of The Money Heist on the Reddit discussion forums.

“Also, Tokyo says something about the ‘end of his journey,’ so maybe most of the characters die or even all of them, although I hope I’m wrong.”concluded. Without a doubt, the death of Tokyo dislodged all the followers, since no one thought that the main character and narrator of the story would die.

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