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Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O’Neal, and Other All-Star Athletes Invest in Vegan Beyond Meat

Kyrie Irving
Image: Beyond Meat

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and other All-Star athletes including Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Hopkins, and Chris Paul invested in the popular vegan meat brand Beyond Meat.

Irving, Celtics point guard who is considered one of the top basketball players, starred in Beyond Meat’s new campaign entitled “Go Beyond.”

“After playing the amount of games, doing the amount of recovery stuff, working out as much as I do, it demands a very specific diet,” he said. “Beyond Meat is the best thing that I could be a part of and it only helps me better perform as an athlete.”

“I wasn’t always the tallest or most gifted athlete, I had to work on it and in the process of working on my craft, it meant going beyond what everyone else was doing — breaking free of the mold to go beyond what was expected of me.”

“I’m truly elated to be a part of Beyond Meat, a company that’s growing exponentially and doing it in a way that’s connecting people not just to great food, but to an incredible community.”

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Fourteen athletes are now ambassadors and investors of Beyond Meat, which proves that athletes “intuitively understand the connection between what they put in their body and how it performs” more than anyone.

Irving and O’Neal are joined by Chris Paul, DeAndre Hopkins, Victor Oladipo, Lindsey Vonn, DeAndre Jordan, JaVale McGee, Harrison Barnes, Malcolm Jenkins, Tennessee Titans player Derrick Morgan (and his wife chef Charity), Alex Honnold, Shaun White, and Luke Walton.

“At Beyond Meat, our goal is to provide consumers with plant-based meats that represent the Future of Protein — delicious, satiating protein and fuel for the body that is unburdened by health concerns increasingly associated with various animal meats,” Ethan Brown, Founder & CEO of Beyond Meat, said in a statement.

“It’s not surprising to see that world-class athletes who are dialed into their bodies are early adopters of plant-based meat.”

Beyond Meat promises to bring more inspiring stories in 2019 as part of the Go Beyond campaign.

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