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KFC Faces Backlash for Anti-Vegan Ad Despite Plans to Launch Vegan Burger

KFC Anti-Vegan Ad
Image Credit: Twitter/sellingpetrol

Fast food giant KFC faces backlash from vegans for its anti-vegan ad despite plans to launch a vegan burger soon.

KFC’s new ad, which features a meat-heavy burger, admits that veganism is tremendously growing around the world.

However, it implies that the fast food chain’s new meat-heavy burger is delicious enough to convince the public to not go vegan yet, saying: “Try one before you turn vegan.”

“Let’s be frank — we’ve timed this burger badly,” the ad continues. “It’s coming out during a time when unprecedented numbers of people are eschewing meat, and embracing aubergine.”

“There’s every chance that you yourself, if not already vegan, are seriously considering it… It might be the worst possible point in history to launch this burger. But bad timing never tasted so good.”

Image Credit: Twitter/sellingpetrol

Vegans were not happy upon seeing the advertisement, with some pointing out that people usually go vegan because they don’t want to hurt animals, not because they hate the taste of meat.

“They act like people go vegan because they don’t like the taste of meat,” a vegan wrote on Twitter.

Another vegan added: “KFC can easily change to stand for ‘Kind, Friendly Cooking’…. it wouldn’t be at all difficult to make the switch from chicken to seitan, ‘Temple of Seitan’ style. The sooner the better @kfc

“I said it before I’ll say it again . THIS is why we cannot take these chains seriously when they add a vegan option. This is proof that they don’t give a F**K,” said another.

“Look at the positives, this means that the meat industry is shook and struggling, they didn’t expect veganism to spread this far, now they are begging people to buy their product,” another vegan wrote.

Other meat eaters agreed with vegans regarding the issue and advised the fast food chain to just promote the burger without mentioning or attacking other lifestyles.

Image credit: KFC

Despite the anti-vegan ad, KFC announced this month that it is “working on” creating a vegan burger in the UK.

According to TV presenter Nisha Katona, the fast food giant has created a vegan chicken burger in its UK development kitchen.

Katona got the chance to taste the vegan burger and shared that even though the new vegan burger is still in the development process, it is already “brilliant” and diners “have much to look forward to.”

“Oh my heaven! On a dream job today- filming for the BBC One Show with exclusive access to the actual KFC headquarters development kitchen,” Katona wrote on Twitter.

“Also I was the first member of the public to taste the new vegan chicken burger. This to me is actually living the dream.”

There is still no word on when KFC plans to release the vegan burger in the UK.

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