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KFC Customer Horrified After Finding Chicken “Brain” in Meal

Image: Unsplash/Aleks Dorohovich

A customer of famous fast food chain KFC was horrified after finding what she believed to be brains in her chicken meal.

Sarah Palmer, 26, ordered a Giant Feast meal for takeout from KFC Parramatta branch in Sydney last week.

While enjoying her meal, Palmer discovered what looks like brains in a piece of chicken she’s eating, which left a bad taste in her mouth.

The customer then posted the disturbing picture on KFC’s Facebook page, which immediately went viral.

“I love nugs just as much as the next person but today, upon purchasing what I had hoped would be some finger lickin’ good chicken from KFC Parramatta, I was horrified to find what looks like … brains,” Palmer says in her post.

In response, KFC confirms that the organ found is not brains but a piece of kidney.

“I believe this is more likely a piece of kidney and not brain,” says a KFC customer service representative.

Others are also quick to defend the fast food chain by commenting that a chicken’s brain is small and the position of the organ in the chicken meal is in the middle instead of the top.

“We can confirm it’s not brains, but rest assured it’s not a health issue,” a KFC spokesperson told 10 Daily.

“Our chicken is hand-prepared and cooked fresh, but occasionally mistakes happen and organs are not removed when they should have been.”

Some vegans quickly jumped in and mentioned the hypocrisy of meat eaters who claim that humans are omnivores — and according to some, carnivores — yet feel disgusted when they see actual body organs in their food.

KFC already contacted Palmer regarding the situation and states that they are now taking extra steps in reminding their staff to become more careful in preparing the food.

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