Kegel’s Inn Launches Vegan Fish Fry for Lent

Vegan Fish Fry
Image: Kegel's Inn

Longtime Bavarian-style beer hall and restaurant Kegel’s Inn, known for its German beer and Friday Night Fish Fry, recently launched vegan fish fry for Lent.

Kegel’s Inn, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, took to Facebook to announce the launch of its limited-edition vegan fish fry, perfect for Christians who do not eat meat during Lenten Season yet craving for the taste and texture.

“Introducing our new Vegan Fish Fry during Lent,” said Kegel’s Inn on Facebook. “So delicious you don’t actually need to be vegan to LOVE it!”

The 100% vegan fish fry meal features 3 Gardein vegan “fishless” fillets alongside the restaurant’s house red cabbage, vegan fries, and homemade vegan tartar with a side of vegan salted rye bread.

Both vegan and meat-eating customers commended the restaurant for offering a vegan option for Lent, with some thankful that they can still eat meat during Lent because it is animal-free.

A Facebook user said: “Yay!!! I was hoping there was such a meal being served like this during Lent! Will definitely check it out!”

“I hate fish and love meat, but I’d give this a try,” said another.

Another customer added: “Gardein fishless fillets… soooo gooood.”

Kegel’s Inn offers the new vegan fish fry on Wednesdays and Fridays for Lent “to reduce wait times on Lenten Friday nights.” Reservations are welcome and recommended.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

Roxanne is a vegan journalist and advocate for animal rights and mental health. She tries to live consciously and spends her free time traveling, enjoying vegan food, volunteering, and speaking up for all animals. Connect with her at @roxlibatique on Twitter and Instagram.

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