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Joe Biden’s tough threat to Russia: “We will end in a war”

In a noticeable hardening of the confrontation that the United States has with Russia, American President Joe Biden directly alluded to the possibility of “A war, with real shots” in the wake of the cyberattacks it attributes to the Kremlin.

In a speech to the intelligence community on Tuesday night, the US president alluded to Moscow is already interfering in legislative elections to be held in the North American country in 2022. A crucial appointment for Biden who needs to expand his minimal parliamentary majority in both houses.

“I think it is likely that we will end in a war, a war with real shots (…) It will be a consequence of computer attacks, of great consequences ”he affirmed. He added that days ago, on July 27, he was given information regarding the new interference from Russia with a view to the legislative appointment.

“Look what Russia is already doing with the 2022 elections and misinformation. It is an outright violation of our sovereignty, “said the US president in his message at the Office of the Directorate of National Intelligence, near Washington.

The president also attacked his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, noting that the Kremlin leader “has a real problem, he is the head of an economy that it has nuclear weapons and oil wells and nothing else “. He added that Putin “knows he is in trouble and in my opinion this makes him even more dangerous.”

He reiterated, regarding cyberattacks, that “if we end up in a war, in a real armed war, with another great power, it will be because of a cyberattack ”.

Russia was involved in a scandal over the alleged interference in the elections that Donald Trump won and in favor of the tycoon and against the possibilities then of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump at all times denied that collusion of interests. That scandal produced a crisis that cost the Republican the loss of a handful of officials and an investigation by the FBI and the creation of an independent prosecutor’s office that failed to confirm the accusations.

Since Biden came to the US government last January, the confrontation with Russia has escalated and He even described Putin as a “murderer”.

However, in mid-June the American leader met his Russian rival in a meeting alone in Geneva. The central North American purpose of that meeting was to try to interfere in the alliance that Russia maintains with China.

According to analysts, the meeting effectively gave way to a series of subtle Moscow movements, particularly with his new national security strategy that highlights Russia’s strategic independence.

That perception would indicate that Biden’s current toughness against Moscow actually seeks deepen with pressure those steps if indeed they have occurred. There was no immediate reaction from the Russian government to the statement.

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