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Joe Biden warned that there may be a new attack in Afghanistan “in 24 or 36 hours”

Two days after the double attack by ISIS that killed more than 180 people in the Afghan capital, including 13 American military personnel, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, warned this Saturday that it is “very likely” there is a new attack of that type in the next 24 to 36 hours, and promised to continue “hunting down anyone involved and we’ll make them pay“.

According to the US president, the possible new attack would occur before the withdrawal of the troops from your country, stipulated for next Tuesday. “The situation on the ground continues to be extremely dangerous and the threat of terrorist attacks against the (Kabul) airport still high. Our commanders informed me that an attack is very likely in the next few 24 to 36 hours“Biden warned in a statement released by the White House.

Despite this warning, it reaffirmed its determination to continue with the evacuation of the citizens of the United States, Afghans and allied countries that remain on their lists until next Tuesday, the last date established by Biden. to completely abandon Afghanistan.

After the double attack carried out on Thursday, the United States announced on Saturday the death of two senior leaders of the Afghan branch of the jihadist group ISIS, and that a third was injured in the bombing by the US army.

The two alleged deceased jihadists were identified as “a planner and a facilitator“of the terrorist organization, who died from the impact of the missiles launched by a droneaccording to the Pentagon’s military spokesman, Gen. William Hank Taylor.

In this way Biden promised that he will continue to “hunt” those who try to commit this type of act: “We will continue hunting to anyone involved in that despicable attack and we will make them pay. We will respond whenever there is someone who wants to harm the United States or attack our troops“, he remarked.

In addition, Biden recalled the 13 soldiers who died in the vicinity of the airport, whom he described as “heroes who made the sacrifice definitive for our American ideals. “He added:” Your courage and generosity has allowed more than 117,000 people in danger may be safe“.

Moments of tension

Following the attacks on Thursday, the Taliban movement ordered the arrival of the tens of thousands of people seeking to enter the Kabul airport and be evacuated by the United States.

Now Taliban militiamen have taken control of the access roads to the airport and check the passage of people in an orderly and strict manner, that can only be crossed in authorized groups.

With the closure of several streets and routes, the accesses were greatly limited and you can only pass after being checked by the Taliban forces, in power in Afghanistan since the middle of the month, with the only exception of the international airport of the capital, where States United and its allies finish evacuating tens of thousands of their citizens and Afghans who have collaborated with them in these last two decades of war and military intervention.

However, the fear of a new attack by ISIS, enemy of both the United States and the Taliban, is still very high in Washington after Thursday’s hard blow.

In 2019, then-President Donald Trump signed an agreement with the Taliban movement to withdraw all US troops by the middle of this year and free thousands of Islamist militiamen. in exchange for a ceasefire against those foreign soldiers

The Taliban complied with the truce but used these two years to rearm, something that allowed them this year to conquer the entire Afghan territory again, at a rate that surprised the United States and its allies, that they had to evacuate all their people when the Islamist militia was already in power and in a situation of explicit weakness.

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