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Jean-Paul Belmondo’s funeral, with Alain Delon, ended with a standing ovation

Goodbye Bébel. A farewell for Jean-Paul Belmondo at noon on Friday, September 10, with spontaneous and sustained applause as in a theater from his fans, in front of the church of St Germain de Pres. Speeches with smiles and tears before his oak coffin and all the great artists of France there, in his grand finale.

Hasta Alain Delon he came out of his confinement, showed the strong consequences of his stroke, accompanied by his son Anthony and his crutches, to be with Jean-Paul Belmondo, “the Magnificent”, your friend of a lifetime.

During the ceremony in one of the most beautiful churches in Paris, Alain Delon hugged Bébel’s coffin, the name by which everyone knew Belmondo. An emotional act, which left everyone in tears. They were 60 years of friendship, of working together, of being close to each other, even in the adversity of their common illness.

Brigitte Bardot did not go, but released a statement: ”I think about him. I loved him, ”he wrote. But there were Veronique Jeannot, Beatrice Dalle, Pierre Richard on crutches, Francos Hunger and his great friend, Jean Dujardin, among many others.

Alain Delon, on crutches and his son Anthony, went to see off Jean-Paul Belmondo, his friend of 60 years. Photo Thomas Samson / AFP

The emotion of goodbye

The day after the national tribute at the Hotel des Invalides presided over by President Emmanuel Macron, the ceremony that began the funeral of the great French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo was moving, full of love in the church of St Germain.

“It was very simple and very moving, full of humanity as Jean-Paul“Dany Boon described her.

Claude Lelouch had the farewell speech.

He was the one who offered Belmondo one of his last great roles in Itinerary of a spoiled child.

“Yesterday’s tribute was magical, wonderful. And I think now that it is no longer here, will be even more present“he said.” I think it’s here. For eternity. So we should be happy today, “proposed Lelouch.

The response was a standing ovation, in this 12th-century stone church, where Paris always says goodbye to its artists.

The admirers of Jean-Paul Belmondo stood guard in front of the church to say goodbye.  Photo Thomas Coex / AFP

The admirers of Jean-Paul Belmondo stood guard in front of the church to say goodbye. Photo Thomas Coex / AFP

Jean-Paul’s smile

Belmondo laughed. His smile accompanied him in that magnificent photo of the film Borsalino, with a red carnation in the buttonhole. The slogan was to laugh at his funeral. He wouldn’t have accepted sad faces. Just a wince, tops.

“Victor spoke highly of his grandfather,” said Antoine Duléry, a friend “for 25 years” with Jean-Paul Belmondo and once again evoked his brilliant memories with the actor. “I laughed a lot with him,” he said.

“It was very moving. We all had tears in our eyes, “he added, commenting on the words of Víctor Belmondo during this ceremony. “He spoke highly of his grandfather. He takes over beautifully. So it was only he who said those words. “

“He said very funny things, because Jean-Paul would not like us to cry today. He had such a taste for happiness and a taste for courage, that he would not have liked us to be too sad. Even if we obviously are,” he clarified.

The personalities of the world of cinema were arriving one after another to the church: Cédric Klapisch (who filmed Maybe with Belmondo), Fabien Onteniente or even Claude Lelouch.

Members of the Belmondo family, in the last goodbye to Jean-Paul.  Photo EFE / EPA / Ian Langsdon

Members of the Belmondo family, in the last goodbye to Jean-Paul. Photo EFE / EPA / Ian Langsdon

Rachid Ferrache, who played a role in en The ace of aces He said that “Claude Lelouch’s speech provoked a standing ovation in a church. Something quite unlikely.”

But there was also Luis Fernández, the Paris St Germain coach. Belmondo was one of the co-founders of PSG.

During this moving ceremony, in which only family and relatives participated, Pierre Vernier, one of the last of the “Conservatory Band”, intervened, where Belmondo was trained as an actor and which he maintained until the end.

Muriel Belmondo, the actor’s sister, also spoke. Like Victor, grandson of Jean-Paul Belmondo, who delivered an emotional speech during the national tribute on Thursday. Another speaker was Albert Dupontel at the ceremony.

A final ovation

Jean-Paul Belmondo’s family accepted the presence of a handful of admirers in the church, who stayed all night in front of her, to thank them for their loyalty. There were Stella Belmondo, his 18-year-old daughter, when he was married from 2002 to 2008 with Nathalie Tardivel.

Since seven in the afternoon yesterday, the actor’s coffin was exposed to the public in Les Invalides, for a final tribute. Thousands fired him and brought him flowers.

The press did not have access to the ceremony in the church of St Germain. He accompanied the public, behind the iron bleachers in St. Germain, covered with flowers.

It was 12:50 in the afternoon, on a sunny day like the ones he loved, when the bells of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church rang, announcing the end of Jean-Paul Belmondo’s funeral.

Was heard a long ovation inside the church parting. The coffin began its way out, accompanied to the float by the bishop and the officiating priests, dressed in violet.

Excited, the Belmondo Clan, his sister, his little daughter Adela fired him excited. They touched the coffin on their last goodbye, before cremation. Fans feel like they lost a friend, mischievous, generous, and so French.



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