Japanese Bikini Model Charms Fans By Posing Nude in Tub Full of Dead Fish

Image: Twitter/ Shihomi Yoshino

Fans can’t get enough of a Japanese bikini model who revealed a bathroom filled with fish and posed nude with them.

Model Shihomi Yoshino shocked many social media users when she posted images of a bathtub with dozens of fish hanging over it.

“This is a gravure idol’s bathtub,” Yoshino wrote on Twitter.

Gravure idol is a term that refers to a Japanese magazine glamour model.

According to Next Shark, who translated the text, some fans were confused by the bikini model’s images but those who follow her closely were well aware that she enjoys fishing.

The images quickly went viral, which led to Yoshino posing nude with the fish in an impromptu photo shoot the following day.

“This is the first time one of my tweets has gone this viral, so I did a ‘dried fish gravure,’” she wrote.

“Thanks to everyone learning about my hobby for the first time! I’m a gravure idol whose hobbies are fishing and rock climbing.”

The photos show Yoshino standing in between hanging fish while fully nude with fish on her body covering her genitalia and and areola.

Users were smitten by Yoshino’s photos, complimenting her on her beauty and humor.

One comment read: “I suddenly want to become fish.”

Another stated: “‘Dried fish gravure.’ Shihomi is the best!”

“She’s sexy and funny at the same time,” said another user.

Shihomi answered users’ questions about the tub full of fish, stating that she keeps them in the bathroom in order to avoid the fish becoming the interest of birds, adding that she cleans and brines the fish which eliminates an odor.

The provocative glamour model revealed that she does not only store fish in the bathroom, sharing images showing her refrigerator also filled with fish.

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