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Italy, lasts against anti-vaccines: extends the mandatory health pass to 15 million workers

The Italian government decided to extend from October 15 to 15 million public and private workers the obligation of the Health Passport that must be shown in workplaces with proof of vaccinations against the coronavirus.

The measure aims to contrast nine million people who have not yet been vaccinated, forcing those who resist to undergo the inoculations, especially those of the so-called movement “no vac”.

The absence of the Health Passport will be punished with fines ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros (about $ 1,176). Who comes to work without the green card, must retire and after a total of five days of unexcused absence, you may be suspended without paying your salary.

The unions have claimed that workers in these conditions don’t get fired, But it is not known what will happen to those who cannot work because they do not have a Health Passport. It is in this certificate where it is stated that one has been vaccinated.

It is likely that the government has given until October 15 to implement the mandatory system and give time to those who do not get vaccinated to at least the first dose is inoculated, which would allow them to return to work.

But after the period of three or four weeks established, the second dose should also be inoculated and thus complete the full cycle.

Of the 15 million workers, 4.2 million are not vaccinated, most of it in the private sector. It is on them that the pressure is concentrated. This Thursday, the Gimbe Foundation announced that in the last week all indicators of the pandemic go downThis is good news because fall begins next week and the first colds are already being felt in parts of the peninsula.

In a report, the Gimbe Foundation pointed out that milder inpatients and intensive care are found in hospitals “almost exclusively unvaccinated people.”

The Ministry of Health announced that 75.8% of lItalians over 12 years old have received vaccinations, while the percentage of the 40.4 million fully immunized out of a population of 60 million reaches 68.3%.



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Source: Johns Hopkins
Chart: Flourish | Infographic: Clarion

The government hopes to reach 80% of those vaccinated over 12 years of age in the next few days, the main objective with which the massive campaign was launched a few months ago in 2,850 centers throughout the country.

This Thursday, they announced that the 80% target it was achieved by three regions: Lazio, with the capital Rome; Lombardy, with the capital Milan, and Veneto, with the capital Venice.

A country punished

Italy was the first European country to suffer the onslaught of the pandemic, as of February 21, 2020 and has been severely punished. Two days ago it exceeded 130 thousand deaths.

Despite the optimistic news, many still fear a new stampede of the fourth wave that began in June, which ruined the summer, as a result of the high contagious capacity of the Delta variant, which totally dominates the spread of the virus.

The government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi appears determined to maintainr the guard up high. The resumption of the educational year, from kindergartens to universities, has set many people in motion and, it is feared, also the spread of the virus.

The classes

In five days there have already been some hundreds of infections in schools, which are still few in relation to 400 thousand primary and secondary classes.

But the organization in schools and colleges it is very strong. As soon as a case of contagion is registered the patient and his closest companions are isolated and health mechanisms are put in place.

In schools, colleges and universities the Health Passport is mandatory for teachers, professors and non-teaching staff. If a relative wants to enter the school, they must show their green card in order. The same in universities, where the obligation extends to students.

“The Health Passport is the best weapon we have now, after vaccinations, to control the epidemic,” said the Minister of Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, who is in charge of monitoring anti-Covid activities.

The green pass is already mandatory in Italy in public places. It is required in bars, restaurants, museums, cinemas, theaters, sporting events, long-distance trains, ships, airplanes, taxis.

In metropolitan public transport, the methodology is under discussion to make it work without causing a great disorder in the operation of buses, subways and other means of public transport where crowds of people are common.

This Thursday they registered 5,117 infected and 67 dead. In total 131,167. 4128 Covid patients are admitted to hospitals and in intensive care, there are 540 seriously ill patients. They are reassuring results due to the number of patients, very far from alarm levels.

On the other hand, also this Thursday it began to be applied in Italy the third dose. The Lazio region began to apply booster vaccination to fragile patients, those with immune problems, cancer patients and other disabling diseases.

The third dose will be extended later to those over 80 years old that more than six months ago they have been vaccinated and health personnel throughout the country. The new booster dose will later be extended to all those already vaccinated throughout the country and the entire population of 60 million inhabitants will have to be inoculated again.

“But we have no alternative, the third dose gives much greater protection when after six months defenses begin to decline of the organism ”, explained Minister Gelmini.

The specialist Gianni Rezza, director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, said that “we will not easily free ourselves from the SarsCov2 coronavirus, but in the future we have to be ready to face new pandemics due to unknown pathogens ”.

“The next pandemic could originate from a flu virus or a diverse agent,” Rezza added.

“It is necessary to prepare pandemic plans against these viruses and others with a broader spectrum, making treasure of what we have learned from Covid-19.”

Rome, correspondent


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