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Israel dumps $ 1.8 million worth of coronavirus vaccines

The israeli government will discard about 80 thousand vaccines against the coronavirus for the value of just over 1.8 million dollars because they reached their expiration date and the laboratory that manufactured them did not authorize the extension.

According to the local press, reproduced by the AJN agency, doses expire this Sunday, July 31 and they must be to reach the expiration date, reported local channel 12.

According to the report, the pharmacist that manufactured the doses did not authorize the expiration date extension and they will come to an end on July 31 of this year, so they must be removed from the available stock to inoculate the population.

To date, the largest number of vaccines that had to be discarded were about a thousand. However, according to a health policy expert it is not about “negligence” since “in the management of a pandemic it is better to have a surplus of vaccines than a shortage”.

The Ministry of Health for its part communicated: “The State of Israel manages its vaccine inventory while emphasizing the expiration of the product which is very precious as it saves lives and is in turn desired by many countries in the world. Confidentiality agreements were signed and the exact amounts of vaccines cannot be disclosed. “

The health portfolio, in turn, analyzes the measures to be taken against the outbreak that the Delta strain produced in the country and adjusts details for the start of the campaign for the application of the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The government analyzes new measures

In addition, the government addresses the need to impose more restrictions for those returning from abroad, as well as the mandatory quarantine for those who took a few days off abroad in order to avoid an increase in cases.

In this context, the list of “dangerous countries” and the obligation to comply with quarantine for those entering through the airport may be expanded. The measure would not distinguish between those vaccinated, those who have been discharged and those who have not been inoculated with the Pfizer formula. The Health Ministry prefers mandatory confinement for everyone for seven days, Israel’s channel 12 reported.

Even those who have visited the so-called “green countries”, that is to say without health risk, must comply with a 24-hour quarantine. It is also studied to reduce the list of forbidden destinations to the minimum possible.


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