India to Launch Vegan Conference Alongside Its Very First Vegan Expo

Vegan Conference
Image: World Vegan Organisation

The World Vegan Organisation (WVO) is set to launch its fourth annual vegan conference in India alongside the country’s very first vegan expo.

The Vegan India Conference (VIC) 2019 is a two-day event organized by WVO in partnership with Vegan First, the country’s first print and digital publication for all things vegan.

It is expected to have more than 650 attendees, more than 150 international delegates, around 250 companies and brands, more than 10 institutions, government officials, and vegan celebrities.

According to WVO, VIC 2019 aims to “foster veganism in a unified and strategic way which would benefit vegan businesses, activist projects, foster policy level changes, and help put Indian veganism on the world map.”

“The future is vegan, and we believe now is the time to spread the message and get as many people to join in and experience the potential of the Indian vegan ecosystem,” VIC said in a statement sent to Vegan World News.

The Vegan India Conference 2019 Invite | Image: World Vegan Organisation

VIC 2019 will showcase vegan industry experts, scientific researchers, around vegan business owners, doctors, and animal advocates from the global vegan movement.

It will also feature talks, panel discussions, and in-depth workshops with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Seth Tibbot, founder of Tofurky; Keegan Kuhn, director of Cowspiracy and What the Health; Ken Spector, principal of Happy Cow; Shriti Malhotra, CEO of The Body Shop India; and Dr. Zeeshan Ali, program specialist at PCRM.

“[VIC] presents a unique opportunity to attend Informative talks, lectures, in-depth workshops & demos by International and Indian industry experts and thought leaders in the plant-based movement,” said the website.

“It also serves as a platform for brands to showcase their products and services to a concentrated gathering of institutions from the hospitality and trade industry, policy makers, importers, impact investors and stake holders from the food industry.”

Vegan Event
Image: Unsplash/Samantha Gades

The VIC will take place on July 6 and 7, 2019 at the Suryaa, New Delhi. Early bird tickets, available until May 20, are sold for Rs 2600, while regular tickets are sold for Rs 3600.

The tickets are inclusive of entry to the conference and expo as well as 1 vegan buffet lunch and 2 high teas on each day.

For registration, speaker line-up, schedule, and more details, you can visit the VIC 2019 website.

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