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“I Am Vegan for Life, No Matter What,” Says Moby as He Addresses Ex-Vegan Influencers

Image: Instagram/Moby

Vegan musician and animal rights activist Moby said he is still vegan and will stay vegan for life no matter what as he addresses the issue regarding influencers who quit veganism.

Moby took to Instagram to announce that he is still vegan and is committed to staying vegan for the rest of his life unlike several influencers such as Bonny Rebecca, Rawvana, Tim Shieff, Raw Alignment, and Stella Rae.

“Lots of news lately about a few confused influencers abandoning veganism,” Moby wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve been a vegan for 31 years, and I’m a vegan for life, no matter what. I would not, could not, will not do ANYTHING that could cause or contribute to the suffering of an animal.”

“My life has no more or less meaning than the life of any animal, anywhere.”

The vegan musician’s post, which he shared to his 363,000 Instagram followers, encouraged his fans to share their own vegan journey and experiences, with one commenting: “I have been vegan for five and a half years and have great health.”

“Those people [who stopped being vegan] just were plant-based eaters but my only concern is about the real victims, and I want to respect their lives and their freedom, and that is why I will never go back. I am also a vegan for LIFE .”

Another vegan commented: “This reminds me of a story of my husband. he got a tattoo of a reverse dinner scene. Basically the animals are gathered around a table and there’s a roasted human in the center. Someone asked him ‘what if you ever want to eat meat again’ his response ‘I guess my arms the first thing I’ll eat then’.”

“Serious. When a person severely restricts their food intake, starves themselves essentially, goes on 30 day water fasts, and then tries to blame veganism for their health issues is utterly absurd. Veganism is not a ‘diet’ it’s a moral baseline, it’s a disruption of a speciesist system through consumption and an urgent movement for justice,” said another.

A vegan fan added: “67 years old and healthiest I’ve ever been. Vegan for 10 years. Eating the dead rotten flesh of tortured and abused animals who did not want to die I was always unwell. Vegan for life, vegan for the animals, vegan for the planet!!!”

Image: Instagram/Rawvana | Instagram/Tim Shieff

Bonny Rebecca, Rawvana, Tim Shieff, and Raw Alignment quit veganism due to health issues, while Stella Rae went back to eating animals again after “craving salmon so bad.”

Vegan nutritionist Gojiman recently summed up the common traits of ex-vegans on his YouTube video, emphasizing arrogance and extreme diets.

He pointed out that the “majority of these ex-vegans usually enter veganism in ill-health,” follow different types of extremely restrictive diets such as raw and high card with extremely low or no healthy fats, refuse to accept that they might be wrong, and believe that they know more about health than doctors.

Gojiman also noticed that most ex-vegans became vegan for the health — not for the animals and ethics — and they tend to “push the limit of their bodies,” including juicing and fasting for weeks.

“The usual story is ‘I was such an ethical vegan, then I developed SIBO [a gut condition] I then started buying carpets made from animals or got caught eating animals while pretending to be ethical’,” he said.

“How many ex-vegans can you name who simply ate a balanced diet all of the time?” he asks. “How many vegans do you know developed pathogenic bacteria in their gut without drinking their own p*ss?”

The last comment could have been a reference to Tim Shieff, who drank his own urine for supposed health benefits.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

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