How to invest in cryptocurrencies safely?

Today, cryptocurrencies they are on the radar of many investors. Who bought after the fall of 2017 they are reaping possibly the best decision financial of their lifes. We tell you how to invest in a safe way.

Since the departure of Bitcoin have passed 12 years, and cryptocurrencies are giving unthinkable returns in a very short time. Although for the technology sector Blockchain it was an innovative technology, for investors it was not attractive or made sense.

1. Invest little money

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and cryptocurrency prices fall and rise unpredictably.

You have to start with a emergency fund before doing any other investment, that you investigate about the cryptocurrencies that attract you, that you open an account in Name O Binance, and that when putting money, you start with small sums that you are willing to lose. Set a limit of 5% or 10% of your salary.

2. Know the cryptocurrencies

Do your homework and find out what the applications decade cryptocurrency, Y avoid the smallest (by market capitalization) yes you are not an expert.

The best thing is that you put money in the largest options on the market so that your money is stable, because there are cryptocurrencies that have disappeared after entering the market. It can also be useful to diversify so as not to put everything in the same basket and have another type of investments.

3. Compare between cryptocurrency sales sites

You must know platforms like Name O Binance and compare them to know commissions Y which cryptocurrencies you can to buy in each one. There is also a platform for the sale of cryptocurrencies in eToro.

This is a device that protects your cryptocurrencies and passwords to store and improve the security of your investments. If you want to know more about cold wallets, you can know it within our channels.

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